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Products Latest Versions

  J3.x version J2.5.x version
JV-LE 3.1 2.7.44
JV-LD 5.3.beta.2 4.11
JV-CL 4.1.0 3.3
JV-REL 5.3 4.8
JV-PM 3.2.beta.1 2.7
JV-STW 2.0.1 1.1

Important Note to Customers

It has been brought to our attention that many popular Joomla extensions of various providers have been put up for sale at various websites on the Internet for free and at rock bottom prices. There are also reports that the downloads provided at these websites contain malware code and hidden backlinks which poses grave security threats for customers who purchase and install them on their web sites.

We would like to clarify that JV-Extensions is the creator and the only legitimate owner of JV-LinkDirectory, JV-PostMaster, JV-Relatives, and JV-ContentLinks, and is the only website where we sell these extensions. We do not provide support for commercial extensions that are not purchased from us, as we cannot guarantee the integrity of those downloads. Do not put your business at risk for a few extra dollars. Beware of the copy cats and malware websites which pretend to give you cheap Joomla extensions at your risk.