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  • Modernbs3 Style Based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.x for JV-LinkDirectory
  • New Google+ Page and Community for JV-Extensions
  • New 'Modern' Style for JV-LinkDirectory Released!

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I can not download that ew 'Modern' Style for JV-LinkDirectory
How can i do that
I get the modernbs3 downloaded from my admin!!!
Sorry, i dont see a question in the first place. Can you please post your question.
We have updated the same @ http://www.jv-extensions.com/documentation/jv-linkdirectory/language-file...
Any language files changes in v5.4? There is no reference on
Hi. Have you migrated from Mootools to JQuery in JV-LD 5.4?
Sure. We plan to migrate from Mootools to jQuery in the next version.
Hello, i don't know if you always use mootools in JVLD frontend but please consider to use instead j...

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