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JV-ContentLinks - Centralized Links Management and Keyword Advertising Extension Suite for Joomla!

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JV-ContentLinks (JV-CL) is a very powerful links management and keyword advertising extension for Joomla!. JV-ContentLinks builds internal and external links for your Joomla! website, and enables you to improve your Joomla website Search Engine Optimization. JV-CL dynamically converts keywords to links in Joomla articles, blogs and several other 3rd party extensions, and also lets you to advertise on keywords and earn money.


With JV-CL, you can configure links for keywords at Joomla admin back-end. These keywords will be automatically converted to links when they are displayed to the website visitor. This is a seamless integration. JV-ContentLinks also lets you advertise on keywords in Joomla and earn money. JV-ContentLinks will monitor the keywords and remove links automatically once the duration expires. So you need not worry about removing links on keywords once the time-line expires.


Not just that...JV-CL also lets you share revenue with article writers, thus increasing article submission and participation. JV-CL provides an online integrated PayPal payment solution for you to collect payments! You do not need to do any PHP processing on your website for integrating payments using PayPal. JV-ContentLinks takes care of this integration in real time using IPN processing. All that you need is a PayPal account.



Good Component and Even Better Support

We purchased the module to place on a client's site. Though the module did work as promised, there was a small glitch.

On reporting the error, we received prompt and continued support, with constant updates and reassurances. They worked on a holiday and ensured that the error was fixed by the next day.

I have *never* seen this level of support, and we do purchase components fairly often.



compat-j30 compat-j25




JV-ContentLinks Features

  • Centralized Link Management

  • Keyword to Link Replacement Scopes

  • Advertizing Features

  • Advertizing Payment Options

  • Revenue Sharing Features

  • Administrator Tools/Utilities

  • 3PD Components Support

Manage Links Centrally

JV-ContentLinks enables Joomla! website owners to manage all their internal links in Joomla and external links in Joomla articles and blogs in one central location at back-end. features


  • JV-ContentLinks enables Joomla! website owners to manage all their internal links in Joomla and external links in Joomla articles and blogs in one central location at back-end
  • Choose which categories you want to manage links in
  • Add links to keywords via JV-ContentLinks backend interface
  • Manually activate links at back-end, archive links, delete links in articles, all without the need to open the article and edit it
  • Link keywords to existing menu items or urls (internal and external)
  • Style links with custom css classes
  • Cloak links or create link redirects on keyword links
  • Decide to open links in new or existing window, globally or on a keyword level
  • Decide to add nofollow href attribute to links
  • Decide to show a small icon near the link, globally or on a keyword level
  • Add exception rules for not linking keywords that appear between pre-defined HTML tags. E.g. h1, h2 etc...
  • Ability to use different types of criteria for search and replace functions
  • Prevent specific keywords from being linked from
  • Create custom end of word indicators that allow language specific word endings


This makes your google rankings go through the roof!

I bought JV-Contentlinks (and also JV-relatives) for our sites and our sites now have more visitors AND lower bouncerates.

We have quite a large website and because we have, like, "hundreds" of articles with each of our important keywords, Googlebot can easily pick the wrong one as your "best".

This is often referred to as "keyword cannibalism".

JV-contentlinks makes it very easy for you to make the "link juice" flow to the right article, which Google can then easily mark as THE important one.

Also, the support is some of the best I've seen - Vijay is super!


Multi-scope Replacement for Links

Add links on keywords only in the first occurrence of the keyword in an article, site-wide, article-wide and first occurrence site-wide:usage


  • First Occurrence Scope: First occurrence of the keyword is linked in the chosen article
  • Artice-wide Scope: One or more or all occurrences of the keyword are linked in the chosen article
  • Site-wide Scope: One or more or all occurrences of the keyword is linked across pages irrespective of the article it resides in
  • Site-wide First Occurrence Scope: First occurrence of the keyword is linked across pages irrespective of the article specified.


A Must Have Extension

It's not very often I pay for an extension, let alone rate one. JV-ContentLinks filled a need for internal linking of keywords/phrases to categories/articles of my site. Worked like a charm!

Installed with no problems and works as expected.

The product has many other features I suspect I'll exploit one day too.


Earn money with keyword advertizing in articles

JV-ContentLinks is a powerful Joomla! keyword advertising component. Admins, buyers and customers can choose which keyword or phrase they want to advertise on, give details and pay for it. JV-ContentLinks takes care of all these operations in addition to processing payments using PayPal. You can also define pre-defined keyword phrases which can be advertised on. Advertisers can place their links on keywords in first-occurrence and article-wide scopes. Search form for searching keywords for advertising in front-end is provided with which users can search for the keyword that they want to advertise.usage


For the search engines, the links from keywords are natural one way links to advertisers website. This increases your publishing power to your customers and advertisers.


  • Enable/Disable keyword advertizing
  • Advertizing link will be placed at start or end of the article letting user click on it to advertize on keyword in that article
  • Decide on maximum number of characters of keyword that can be linked
  • Configure the position and text to advertize
  • Decide on the number of instances of keyword that will be replaced with link for article-wide scopes.
  • Create custom terms and conditions that must be agreed to before purchase
  • Create custom introductory text that appears at the top of the purchase pages
  • Enable/disable captcha for purchase form and prevent bots
  • Search form that the user can use to search for keyword and advertize on
  • SEF URL support for Joomla SEF and numerous other 3pd extensions (sh404sef, AceSEF, JoomSEF etc...)


Works like a charm!

This handy extention is probably one of the best ones to optimize your site.

It is a great seo enhancement, a must if you care about search engine positioning. This is really useful for good seo. Internal links are really important.

It's very easy to configure!
Thanks for the extension. Exactly what I was looking for and compatible with Artio JoomSEF.
As for the support? The best I've seen so far.


Get paid instantly!

  • Integration with PayPal to process payments
  • Select currency for transactions
  • Decide to use IPN for PayPal to get money instantly or use offline mode of transaction.
  • Test the entire setup with PayPal sandbox
  • All that you need is your PayPal email address to collect money for advertizing on keywords
  • Add multiple fee plans for visitors to choose from. A fee plan consist of scope (first occurrence/article-wide), recurring subscription option, fee, duration in months for the link on the keyword.


A superb extension

I really like this extension as it makes life so much easier or better said automatic to link to certain content on your website. It works well and the support is outstanding, try it and you will not regret

As given at JED @


Share revenue with article owners

Revenue Sharing is the concept of sharing revenue generated out of keyword advertising in articles with the respective article owners or writers. This increases article submission and participation. There are 2 stakeholders in revenue sharing, who share the revenue - The Site Owner and the Article Owner. Article Owner is the one who has written or submitted the article in your website. Frontend advertising must be enabled in JV-CL for revenue sharing. The Site Owner and Article Owner will be paid via Paypal. Site Owner's paypal email address is the same as the email address configured in Pricing tab for Your Paypal email address. JV-CL will enable you to pay the article owner via Paypal


  • Enable/Disable revenue sharing
  • Decide on the percentage of revenue to be granted to article owner
  • Decide to notify article owner whenever there is a sale of a keyword in the article for which he is the author
  • Decide on the minimum amount to be accumulated before article owners can be paid
  • JV-CL will indicate to you via backend dashboard whenever a payment becomes due for an author


Top mark for software and service

Big compliments to this JV-ContentLinks product!

We did also buy other commercial software for internal links and watched the market! This product reaches a so far not known quality standard and functionality.

Detailled and accurate descriptions in backend are representative part of this excellent work!

Service is one of the best I ever experienced.

Keep it up!!!


Comprehensive administrator tools and utilities

JV-ContentLinks provides detailed backend interfaces to view and manage links, manage pre-defined keywords for advertising, manage integrations, configure 3PD components and manage revenue sharing. There are also utilities to import links from CSV file and export links to CSV format


  • Import keyword links from a CSV file
  • Export keyword links to a CSV file
  • Create predefined keyword phrases that are shown to the visitors for advertizing. These can be high CTR keywords that can fetch higher fee and those users will be interested in
  • Upgrade from JV-ContentLinks 3.x to 4.x using the in-built utility in backend!
  • JV-ContentLinks gives you to the ability to manually activate links at back-end, archive links, delete links in articles, all without the need to open the article and edit it


Great Software, Service

This works beautifully on my site. I had a few small problems, and Niranjan was able to tell me what to do to fix them just like that without multiple rounds of back and forth. I also wanted to change some things that required code changes and he told me how to do that as well. Fantastic support. Highly recommend!


3PD Components Support

JV-ContentLinks is compatible with the following 3rd party components for Joomla! that manage content. We intend to provide integrations with more such systems in the future.

  • Joomla! core content
  • EasyBlog from StackIdeas.
  • K2 from JoomlaWorks.


Works out of the box

i was sometimes disappointed after buying a premium extension.

This one is different and well worth the expense. Install, set the parameter and done. Very easy and reliable. I had few questions and the team answered competent in no time.

I use it for a newspaper site with hundreds of articles, if you run a site with lots of articles - this is the thing you need



Pricing: JV-ContentLinks is available for purchase in different variations. Each supported 3PD component compatibility and support is provided in a variation. This way there are 3 variations today - JV-ContentLinks for Joomla Core, JV-ContentLinks for K2, and JV-ContentLinks for EasyBlog. You may purchase any of the variations for just USD 30. If you want multiple or all the variations, then you may purchase as many of them or save money by purchasing the JV-ContentLinks All in One Bundle for only USD 60. 

All JV-ContentLinks variations are available for purchase as non-recurring subscriptions. You need to renew it before your subscription/purchase expires to get continued updates, access to support, and online documentation. You can use the software on your website forever even if you do not renew it.


With JV-ContentLinks for Joomla 3.x, you can now add links on keywords from site frontend in just a matter of 4-5 seconds. Just highlight the keyword phrase in the article and provide a link url in the pop up that appears and click on Submit! Isn't that fast and easy?


JV-ContentLinks Screenshots and Videos

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