• JV-LinkDirectory

    Improve Joomla! SEO and site rankings, increase traffic to your website, generate traffic from partners, exchange links, build links, monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, and earn money with a professional link directory using JV-LinkDirectory.

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  • JV-Relatives

    Decrease article bounce rate, and retain visitors for longer durations by showing related articles anywhere in the article in a plugin or module. Show keywords as tags and social bookmarking buttons in articles, and improve your Joomla! site SEO.

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  • JV-PostMaster

    Post articles as they are saved, automatically or manually or via cron! to your Twitter, Facebook (Profile, Pages, Groups), Tumblr, and JomSocial accounts. Notify search engines when new articles are created, improve social networking and Joomla! SEO.

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  • JV-ContentLinks

    Manage your links in articles centrally, convert keywords to links dynamically as article loads, build internal links, improve Joomla! SEO, earn money with keyword advertising, and share that revenue with article authors with JV-ContentLinks.

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  • JV-ShrinkTheWeb

    Display thumbnail previews of urls anywhere in Joomla from ShrinkTheWeb. Add stwpreview tags for urls in modules, components, plugins/templates, and JV-ShrinkTheWeb will dynamically replace them with thumbnail previews as the page loads.

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  • JV-LinkExchanger

    Exchange links with other websites using our free and basic reciprocal link exchange extension for Joomla!. Increase traffic to your website, and generate revenue for your website using featured listings and basic advertisement functions.

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Joomla! Article Management and SEO Solutions

JV-Extensions provides 3 different products for enhancing user experience and improving SEO in articles for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x websites. They are JV-Relatives, JV-ContentLinks and JV-PostMaster.





Scan and Show Related Items
Centralized Links Management
Post Articles to Social Media Twitter, Facebook (Pages, Profile, Groups), LinkedIn, Tumblr, JomSocial, EasySocial
Show Keywords/Tags in Articles
Keyword Advertising in Articles
Show Tweets Modules to show Twitter tweets and Facebook Posts
Show Social Bookmarking buttons in Articles
Decrease Visitor Bounce Rate
Enhance Joomla! SEO
Link Building Internal Link Building Internal Link Building Link Building in Social Networks
Integrations Joomla Articles, K2, EasyBlog, Cobalt CCK Joomla Articles, K2, EasyBlog Joomla Articles, K2, EasyBlog
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Joomla! Link Directory and Link Exchange Solutions

JV-Extensions provides 2 different products for link directory and link exchange for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x websites. They are JV-LinkExchanger and JV-LinkDirectory.




Number of Category Levels 2 Levels Unlimited with Advanced ACL
Link Exchange Features Basic Advanced - Stale State management, Backlink anywhere, nofollow checks
Directory Features Limited Advanced
Show Thumbnail Previews ShrinkTheWeb, Thumboo ShrinkTheWeb, Websnapr, Picoshot, Thumboo, Thumbalizr, Manual Upload
SEO Features Basic Advanced
Earn Money Paid Featured Listings (Offline) Paid Listings, Paid Featured Links, Sponsor Categories, Advertisements - Online/Offline
Media Galleries  - Photo Gallery, YouTube Video Gallery
Custom Fields  - Advanced
Social Extensions Integrations  - Community Builder, JomSocial, EasySocial, Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, ClickaTell
Modules 4 Modules 24 modules
Integrations   Xmap, JSitemap Pro, Komento, CComment, K2, Joomla Articles, PayPal, Joomla Search, AlphaUserPoints
Styles/Themes Basic Advanced, Style overrides
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Top Notch Customer Support

We promise to do our best to answer all of your questions in a professional and timely manner. We're not interested in making a one-time sale, instead we want to establish a business relationship for life.

We Care for Customers

All our products are open source, and you can install them on all your websites. They are professionally designed and coded. More importantly, we listen to our customers and their requirements, and ensure that their needs are addressed in future releases.

Community Forum

We manage and run a community forum where you can get your queries answered. Unlike other 3PD providers, our developers answer your questions in the forum. We also share tips and tricks for using our products innovatively in our forums.

Support Tickets

Have an issue for which you need help? Open a public or a private support ticket at our Support Section, and get exclusive attention and timely resolutions from our developers. This is alongside the exhaustive online documentation for our products.

Customer Reviews

We take pride in being rated very highly by our customers. Read what our customers are saying about our products and support.

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Products Showcase

If you are our customer, then you can now add your website for free in our products showcase directory, which is powered by JV-LinkDirectory.

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Products Demo

We do not provide trial versions, but you can see our products in action, and play around with them in our demo websites. 

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What Our Customers Say

  • I really like this extension as it makes life so much easier or better said automatic to link to certain content on your website. It works well and the support is outstanding, try it and you will not regret.

    by ozwest about JV-ContentLinks
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Important Note to our Customers: JV-Extensions is the creator and the only legitimate owner of JV-LinkDirectory, JV-ShrinkTheWeb, JV-PostMaster, JV-Relatives, and JV-ContentLinks, and www.jv-extensions.com is the only website where we sell these extensions. We do not provide support for commercial extensions that are not purchased from us, as we cannot guarantee the integrity of those downloads. Do not put your business at risk for a few extra dollars by purchasing and downloading our products from various sites on the internet. Beware of the copy cats and malware websites which pretend to give you cheap Joomla extensions at your own risk.