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All posts by Niranjan SrinivasaRao

JV-PostMaster 3.7.1 Released

As you are probably aware there have been lots of changes to Facebook api behaviors and they have also forced an review procedure for all apps. JV-PostMaster 3.7.1 comes with changes to handle them and make it compatible with the new policies. We have also added a new knowledge base article on proce...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12.1 Released

JV-LinkDirectory 5.12.1 is a maintenance release for JV-LinkDirectory 5.12, which is a feature and customer usability enhancement release for JV-LinkDirectory. It contains many new features, along with several bug fixes and minor changes. Please visit our blog for more details. Release Maturity St...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 General Availability Released!

We are super happy to announce the release of the General Availability release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.12.  JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 is a feature and customer usability enhancement release for JV-LinkDirectory. It contains many new features, along with several bug fixes and minor changes. Release Maturi...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Beta 2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of second beta release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.12. This beta version contains several bug fixes and minor changes. Please read our blog for more details on new features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12. Thanks to christof and alialavian our customers who are helping us wit...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Enhancements to Language Translations

The next major set of changes that we would like to share about JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 is a very interesting one, and is related to Languages and Translations. These changes are intended to make it very easy to use JV-LinkDirectory on multi-lingual sites or when you want to translate JV-LinkDirectory...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Configuration Design change, Full Text Search and more

Here are a few more changes coming up in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12. Significant ones include a refreshed back-end configuration interface for JV-LinkDirectory which will be much easier to use, implementation of Full text search indexing for searches in the directory, new menu item option and more…...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Minor but other significant changes in 5.12.

In addition to the major features introduced, we have also made the following minor but significant changes to 5.12: 1. In 5.12 version we have upgraded our Thumbalizr integration to the new v1 API of Thumbalizr. 2. We have provided a “No Community” option in Community integration. If yo...
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49 Amazing facts you did not know about Joomla!

Many people are choosing Joomla over WordPress! This might sound surprising because you’ve probably heard Joomla is harder to use than WordPress. I’m about to change your mind and list the reasons why people use Joomla or are making the switch over. 1. Free Service: Joomla is a free open source ...
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