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In JV-LinkDirectory, there are 2 types of listings that can be added viz. One way links and Two way links. Two way links are those which have a back link from the partner's site to your site. They are also called reciprocal links. Such links can be added to your directory only after the submitter adds your link at their site first.

Till date, one way links and two way links were considered as 2 different types of listings. There were separate configuration options for each of them. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.12, we are merging them together by making "back link check" as an additional option in listing or link plan, instead of having it as a separate type of link. There are numerous usability benefits due to this.


As you already aware, JV-LinkDirectory provides "Advertisements", a revenue making feature by which you can add advertisements or banners or any HTML/non-HTML content in pre-defined slots in your directory. Till date, to achieve this you had to create advertisement specification ( adspec ) or slot, add fee plans and then add advertisement (HTML) to that slot. Besides, you had to create a template override to add the advertisement specification code to the template where you want the advertisement to appear. 

From the usage statistics and feedback from customers, we realized that administrators found this process tedious and time consuming, especially creating a new advertisement specification or slot and making the template overrides. So in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 we decided to simplify this and make it really easy for admins to add advertisements.


JV-LinkDirectory provides a way for administrator and site visitors to add specific data for their listings via "Extra Fields" or "Custom Fields". Till date you could create fields like Checkbox, Address Location, Country, Date, Dropdown, Editor, Email, Facebook URL, Google Plus URL, Meta description, LinkedIn URL, Radio buttons, RSS Feed Url, Text field, Text area field, Time, URL and Twitter URL.

In JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 we are adding the following new extra fields that you can add and have your listings show them in front-end and back-end!

Partnership with JLexArt

Feb 13 2018
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JLex Art

We are pleased to announce our partnership with one of the best and most popular Joomla extensions developer in the whole community. We are talking about JLexArt https://www.jlexart.com/ the company which has been given the Joomla community many free and premium Joomla extensions such as JLex Review and JLex Comment.

JLex Comment is a powerful comment system for Joomla 3. It provides a quick way to let your readers post comments on your content pages or provide valuable feedback. JLex Review is a powerful review, rating and commenting system for Joomla with all popular features of a professional review system.


We are nearing the completion of version 5.12 alpha phase of JV-LinkDirectory, the powerful directory extension for Joomla. Improving the ease of use for customers and administrators will continue to be the main theme of this version release. We have also entered into partnership with other prominent Joomla extension provider which we will announce in the next couple of days as we explain the upcoming new features and enhancements.

We plan to start the beta testing by 20th February 3rd March and as always we are calling for volunteers to help us with testing of the beta version. We will reward beta testers who help us with bugs and feedback in the beta testing by extending their existing subscription by 1 month. Only those who have active subscriptions of JV-LinkDirectory can participate in the beta testing. Others can purchase JV-LinkDirectory and enroll into beta testing.

Those who are interested to participate in beta testing are requested to indicate so by posting a comment to this blog post. We will then add you to the beta testing group, and will let you know once beta testing starts! Watch out for more blog posts here in the coming days to know about the new features that are coming up in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12.

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Great customer support and service can make or break a business. You want a consumer's experience with your company to be efficient, easy, and pleasant.

That's where a help desk comes in. In a highly competitive market, customer support protocols like these have become an effective tool for businesses. Regardless of the size of your company, these tools will help you track interactions with your client and eliminate the need for manpower.

You'll save time and money while increasing your company's ability to find resolutions to problems, therefore increasing customer satisfaction levels. In 2018, customer satisfaction is everything, especially when so many people turn to online reviews of a business before choosing to hire them for their services.

Here are a few ways this support tool can help your company:

JV-HelpDesk 2.0 - Version Released

Dec 27 2017
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We are excited to release version 2.0 of JV-HelpDesk, the free and professional Joomla Help Desk component suite. Version 2.0 has been released for Personal and Business Edition customers. 

New Features Added include:

  1. Change admin skin to isotope
  2. Make JV-HelpDesk Mobile responsive
  3. Make a free and pro version of JV-HelpDesk

Download the release now!

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Version 1.1 is a feature and bug fix version. It introduces very powerful features for anyone providing customer support via ticketing system.

JV-HelpDesk is a simple and professional HelpDesk and support ticket extension suite for Joomla!

With JV-HelpDesk, you can provide a highly efficient and professional 1-on-1 dedicated ticket support to your customers. Deeply integrated with Joomla, JV-HelpDesk provides support services on your site, the easy way with BBcode editing, Email replies, Multilingual support and advanced ACL. And much more!
With 1.1 version, you can notify your staff members via a Whatsapp message to a pre-defined group, or via SMS to their individual mobile phones whenever there are tickets with certain priorities (typically high ones) are created by customers!. You can also let your customers rate the support experience when they close the tickets. Additionally, customers can add their signatures which will show up in the ticket posts and replies. There are lot more added. Keep reading to know more....