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We have been experimenting with different approaches for providing language translations for our products. After a long search, we have finally zeroed in on providing machine translation files for our extensions. As a first step, we have released the machine translated language files for JV-LinkExchanger 3.2 version for site frontend, which can be downloaded as a zip file in JV-LinkExchanger Downloads (My Account - My Downloads) section.

Please note that these are machine translated, and hence we strongly recommend that you review the files and make appropriate changes. English language file is also included in the zip for you to refer to and make translation changes. If you wish to submit the translated file with the community, then you may please upload it in our support forum.

We also do not recommend translating backend language files of our extensions as they are too many strings to be translated. Hence we are not providing any machine translations for them. Nevertheless, if you still want to translate them, then please download the JV-LinkExchanger component zip file from, and translate the file in admin/language/{en-GB} folder to your language, rename it and move it to the appropriate language sub folder accordingly.

JV-LinkExchanger 3.2 foreign language files are now available in 8 languages as of August 2017. These include Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian and Swedish. Do let us know if you need translation in a specific language other than what we provide.

JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 is a feature release for JV-LinkDirectory. It contains many new features, along with several bug fixes and minor changes. View the Release Information to know the changes.

Joomla Version
Joomla 3.4+
Release Maturity
Release Notes

New Features:

  1. New "Phone Number" Extra Field
  2. Display Extra Field values in Articles that are created when listings are published.
  3. Link Archival Feature
  4. Smart Search Finder Plugin for JV-LinkDirectory
  5. Display RSS feed in detail page
  6. Change Status of Links faster
  7. Separate permissions for who can view comments and add comments
  8. Create a new menu item and link plans view in backend
  9. Add a category suggested by the user to the directory from backend.
  10. Website/listing recommendations provided by visitors are now stored in backend for admin to review.
  11. Same color background for stats in detail page
  12. Provide system info to anonymously
  13. Link plans rearchitecture - 4 parameters are now common (apprmode, apprem, reject_reason and tandc) to 1-way and 2-way links.



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JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 is a feature release for JV-LinkDirectory. It contains many new features, along with several bug fixes and minor changes. View the Release Information to know the changes.

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JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a powerful feature rich, SEO optimized, responsive Joomla Directory extension with which you can build directory of website or non-website based listings of all types like Link Directory, Real Estate Directory, Software Downloads Directory, Link Exchange Directory, Coupons Directory etc....

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Christmas is approaching, and we at JV-Extensions wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017. 

To share our excitement and happiness, we are running a special 25% sale on all our products for both new purchases and renewals. This offer is valid till 4th January 2017!

Please use the following coupon code during checkout to avail the offer. 

Coupon Code: HOLIDAYS2016

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Want your feedback

Tell us what you think! We'd love to get your feedback.

JV-Extensions wishes you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

It is time to plan for 2016 and here we are reaching out to you with a short survey to get your opinion on JV-LinkDirectory. The goal of the survey is to understand what you like in JV-LinkDirectory, what you would like to see in it and how we can deliver better value to your website and business with it this year. Your input will be extremely important in shaping the road-map of JV-LinkDirectory. Your individual feedback will be confidential and we promise to read and act on each word that you put in the survey.

The survey itself should not take more than 8-10 minutes of your time. As a token of gratitude for completing the survey by January 31st 2016, we will add 3 months of free subscription to your existing JV-LinkDirectory purchase. Even prospective customers can avail this offer by purchasing JV-LinkDirectory and then completing the survey by 31st January 2016. 

Please click on the "Start the Survey" link below to get started with the survey.

Start the Survey

We thank you in advance and appreciate your taking time to fill the survey.

Greetings from JV-Extensions!.

We would like to thank all our JV-LinkDirectory customers who participated in the "Operational and Roadmap Survey" for JV-LinkDirectory last month. We have received tremendous responses and we are grateful to all those customers who took their valuable time out of their busy schedule to provide feedback and help us frame the 2016 roadmap for JV-LinkDirectory. As a token of appreciation and as promised, we have added 3 months of free subscription of JV-LinkDirectory to their existing active subscriptions. There are a few customers whose subscription expired long back, but have still taken the survey. We thank them too, and wish to inform them that we will add free 3 months of subscription to them once they renew their subscription anytime in future.

I am writing this with utmost grief caused to my city - Chennai, the biggest metropolitan city in south India which has been devastated due to very heavy rains and water flooding in the last one week. It has been the deluge of the century in Chennai that has created havoc and left thousands of people homeless, and several dead. People including women and children are clamoring for food and shelter. The entire city has been struggling with no electricity and mobile/network connectivity for the last 6 days and the loss is assessed to be in several millions of Indian rupees. It is a complete standstill, and there are all out efforts from the central and state governments, Indian army, navy and air force to evacuate people and provide relief. Help is pouring in from all over the world to the affected people and rehabilitate them.

We at JV-Extensions have decided to donate 60% of the revenue we will make this month towards the relief work. I am requesting you to help Chennai limp back to life with your heart felt donations, which will be donated to the Prime Minister Relief fund, and also procure food and relief material for the affected people. Chennai has lost several lives, homes and infrastructure in this carnage, and I personally appeal to you to help those who are going through the calamity and those who are surviving it. I humbly request you to help Chennai with your generous donations. Even $10 donation from you will make a difference. Please click on the "Donate" image below to start donating.

donate now

To read more about the floods, please read:

PS: JV-Extensions operates from Chennai, and just like the others we have also had our share of struggle in the last 6 days with no power, water and connectivity to rest of the world. To continue supporting our customers, we moved out to Coimbatore, another city in India from where we are working till Chennai gets back to normalcy. 

Thank you for your understanding and hoping to see contributions from you.

We are super excited to launch our official Google+ page and a community for our customers. The Google+ page will henceforth be the place where we plan to share latest events, links to blog posts, latest news, releases, interesting features, special offers and discounts periodically. We request all our customers to follow us on our Google+ page and get to know the updates instantly.

Big data hadoop

The big data phenomenon has brought with it numerous challenges to the data management landscape. As the government, businesses and other organizations continue rapidly generating data, the need to collect and analyze the same has become more urgent. Big data is not only about volume but also how this data is used to improve productivity in any setting.

The traditional database management systems have become overwhelmed as more data becomes available and sadly, this has resulted in reduced analysis of available data. If for instance a healthcare organization was to leverage big data through a capable database, it would be easier to cut costs, predict disease outbreaks and also make the entire healthcare more efficient.

Enter Hadoop

This is where Hadoop comes in handy. This is an open source storage platform that is gradually changing big data management. It provides an excellent data management solution for big data. Initially, it was mostly used by large web 2.0 companies but it is now being adopted by all types of businesses. The framework supports scaling out to process large data sets.
The importance of Hadoop basically lies in its ability to help businesses make decisions based on a large set of data and other variables. As a business owner, you are able to get a more comprehensive view of your target audience without having to use multiple analyses. If you are a website owner or a database manager, it is important to get insight on Hadoop in order to leverage its capabilities.

about free joomla extensions the simple truth revealed 30c94

There are a large number of free Joomla extensions out there. They are very essential, since it can affect the functionality of your website. These extensions are created by third party developers and typically work with all new versions of Joomla. There are plenty of Joomla Extensions that are not free to utilize, it's called premium Joomla extensions.

Firstly, and perhaps most of all, Joomla is free. This is the why reason Joomla is awesome. Joomla software is fantastic for both normal users and developers, it is quite simple to set up and if you would like to tinker with it, you certainly can do so with a broad number of customization alternatives or extend it with a wide range of available extensions. You can find websites that have collections of greatest free extensions for Joomla. There are the greatest Joomla 3 upheld extensions that one can download. You can read more about the best Joomla 3 supported extensions which you may as well download for free.


Joomla is a well-known Content Management System (CMS). Webmasters can use this system to build and manage their websites. This CMS has a wide collection of features. They help you to perform administrative duties on your website effectively. Over time, you may need some features that are not provided in Joomla. To gain access to them, you can simply install extensions. These are additional installations that you connect to your Joomla to increase its ability. There are five different types of Joomla extensions. Want to know which ones they are? Read On.

Broken link building is one of the most important link building techniques, but it can be time consuming and inefficient if not carried out smartly. This article highlights the most important points about broken link building, and how you can make your own process easy and efficient.

Do you want to make your blog post SEO-optimized, keyword-targeted and ready to drive traffic? If yes, below are helpful on-page SEO tips and tricks that you can employ while optimizing your blog post to rank on the first page.

Joomla boasts of a slot in the highly coveted top three content management systems. Alongside WordPress and Drupal, Joomla has stood the test of times to prove its efficacy and efficiency when it comes to catering for specific needs of users. The fact that this CMS is user friendly is undoubtable. Even more, the availability of numerous templates from which users can create their choice of websites makes Joomla an almost irresistible platform. Their templates not only come in varieties of niches but also specifications depending on a user’s needs.