2016 JV-LinkDirectory Feedback Survey Results and Actions

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Greetings from JV-Extensions!.

We would like to thank all our JV-LinkDirectory customers who participated in the “Operational and Roadmap Survey” for JV-LinkDirectory last month. We have received tremendous responses and we are grateful to all those customers who took their valuable time out of their busy schedule to provide feedback and help us frame the 2016 roadmap for JV-LinkDirectory. As a token of appreciation and as promised, we have added 3 months of free subscription of JV-LinkDirectory to their existing active subscriptions. There are a few customers whose subscription expired long back, but have still taken the survey. We thank them too, and wish to inform them that we will add free 3 months of subscription to them once they renew their subscription anytime in future.

Following is the summary of significant responses that we would like to share with you, along with specific actions that we have taken based on the responses till date:

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Action taken: We plan to start sending emails to JV-LinkDirectory customers about tips and tricks to help them use the product better once every 2 weeks starting March 1st week. There are so many features in JV-LinkDirectory that many users have not still explored. We plan to expose them to you so that you can take full advantage of those features for your directory.

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Action taken: Our release model is now changed to give a release every month for JV-LinkDirectory. There will at-least be one maintenance version release (5.5.2, 5.5.3, 5.6.1 etc…) every month which will include bug fixes. It will not be mandatory to upgrade to these releases unless specified in the release notes. There will be a minor version release (e.g. 5.6, 5.7 etc…), which will be predominantly new features addition, once every 3 months.

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Action taken: The price of JV-LinkDirectory Yearly Subscription has been reduced from $89 couple of months back to $63 now. We hope this should provide more value for money from our product.

Other Responses:

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Other Actions that we have taken:

  • We are now open to taking up customization work on our products for just $15 per hour. Read more in detail on Custom Work.
  • We have created a new release notes section which is accessible from “Version Info” button at the bottom of the pages at jv-extensions.com. The release notes now will call out specific integration that has been introduced in each version.

There are other changes too and we will announce them from time to time in this blog. From the responses, we are extremely delighted to know our customers love our products, and we assure you that we will continue to provide 100% customer satisfaction, and strive hard to improve our products and services.