49 Amazing facts you did not know about Joomla!

Many people are choosing Joomla over WordPress! This might sound surprising because you’ve probably heard Joomla is harder to use than WordPress. I’m about to change your mind and list the reasons why people use Joomla or are making the switch over.

1. Free Service:
Joomla is a free open source software. You can download the software and have unlimited access to it. If you get a hosting discount or a long-term deal with Bluehost, for instance – the monthly Joomla expenses would approach the cost of a decent coffee.

2. Extremely Flexible and Customizable:
Joomla offers more templates, themes, and colors to change your website page logo, images, header or footer, and many other components.

3. Multitude of Extensions:
Joomla offers the average users over hundreds of different extensions, plugins, and templates. Since it’s an open source community, you can choose a plugin, for example, and modify it to fit your website.

4. Community Help:
Due to its open source nature, Joomla has a community of developers and users who are more than happy to help. You can post a question or start a discussion in the online forum and people will answer and comment back.

5. SEO Friendly
Joomla can help make your website more SEO friendly and put it near the top of search engine results.

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Infographic Joomla facts


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