An insight into Online Directories

Online directories are website components or websites themselves, that organize information systematically under numerous categories. Online directories often provide search functions and tree like hierachical way of navigating and retrieving information from it.

Online directories usually contain very helpful information for users looking for phone numbers, addresses, as well as for websites, which provide listings pertaining to graphic designers, shopping malls, restaurants, consultants, and moreā€¦

Web directories can be of various different kinds, based upon the business as well as the links. It is classified into the following types:

  • General Directories – Common directory categories include art, finance, shopping, business, sports, travel, etc…
  • Niche Directories – Directories related to topics like health as well as e-commerce targeting relatively smaller audiences
  • Regional Directories – Directories belonging to particular area, a region or a country
  • Bidding Directories – Directories requiring customers to bid in order to get listed
  • Article directories – Directories wherein articles are submitted
  • Blog directories – Directories wherein blogs may be submitted under the relevant categories
  • Podcast Directories – Directories listing MP3 audio podcasts and video podcasts
  • Brick and Mortar Directories – Directories listing offline businesses as well as stores

The information listing in an online directory usually includes regular details such as the name, address, website and related contact numbers and email of the company. The search feature of the online directory is also especially beneficial for the customers who are able to easily access information regarding their field of interest. There are a number of free online directories as well as paid directories online, where you can submit your business listing or add your website information.

The major advantages of registering to an online directory include increasing the visibility of the business in a higher place as compared to competitors employing traditional methods such as yellow pages/newspapers, attracting new customers due to wide exposure and strengthening relationships with existing clients by regular company updates.

If you are the site owner, then the internet directory can easily generate lots of revenue as well, mainly via the listing charges required to register to the online directory as well as the external advertisements which might be present on the same. The process of setting up of an online directory over the internet is quite a time consuming process; however, most of the web directory scripts can help by providing documentation which can help you get started and further customizing your web site.

Some of the best directory scripts which can be employed in the internet directories include PHP Link Directory, PHP My Directory, Index U,, JV-LinkDirectory (link directory for Joomla), Boonex Barracuda, Esyndicat, Site Sift, Index Script and PHP Lynx as these sites offer loads of templates as well as resources which may be utilized in order to customize the internet directory.