Announcing JV-LinkDirectory 4.8 Maintenance Release 2

Today, we have released the second maintenance release of JV-LinkDirectory 4.8. The release is 4.8.1020 and this contains several bug fixes and a few enhancements.

Reviews Module:

The existing module in JV-LD has 12 different types that it can be configured and copied to show content. These include recent links, random links, favorite links, featured links, popular links, highly rated links, most liked links, most viewed links, most voted links, directory wall of activities, link categories and directory statistics.

In this maintenance release, we have added yet another type to it – Reviews. With this type, you can now display the latest reviews for links in the module. The time format, number of recent reviews and number of characters of the review are configurable in the module!

Editors for HTML fields in Configuration:

Earlier there were simple text areas for all those fields in JV-LD configuration options, that accepted HTML content. We realized that it is cumbersome to manually add HTML tags and hence have introduced editors to those fields. Now you will be able to leverage the power of HTML editors to provide content to such fields, just like how you create content using these editors for Joomla articles. The options for which we have introduced editors are, Directory home summary field, Directory home instructions field, category page summary field, advertisements benefits field, featured links benefits field, and sponsor a category benefits field

Custom Character Set for SEF URL Generation for non-English locales:

The non-latin characters in partner link titles are not properly converted into their SEF equivalent by Joomla. Since JV-LD uses Joomla’s sef url generation capability, this led to many ‘-‘ in the sef urls for links. We have now introduced an option to add custom character set and their translations in SEF URL configuration.

Utility to generate SEF URL Aliases in Bulk:

A new utility has been added to JV-LD Utilities section where by you will now be able to generate the SEF URL aliases in bulk for all links in your directory

Major Fixes in this version:

  • When there are no links output from any of the home page designs, then the message of “Link directory not configured” is shown
  • Issue in reciprocal link exchange for a specific type of links
  • Google maps latitude and longitude calculations resulted in 0 values, when multiple fields were used for generating the location address
  • Ad code allows html, but not raw data like iframes etc…Code modified to allow these now via back-end
  • CSS of stw and websnapr global have been made global
  • Database error encountered for search_show_catpages configuration setting
  • Links import tool to populate the sef string for links properly

Hope you like this version and the features introduced. Please do submit your feature requests in the JV-LinkDirectory forum, create polls on them and let us know what you would like to see in the next versions of JV-LD!