Announcing JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 Beta

We are very glad to announce the release of the first beta version of JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 today. Customers who volunteered to participate in beta testing can now download the beta version from My Account – My Downloads area, and test it on non-live websites. If you want to enroll in beta testing, then please indicate your interest in the comments section of this blog post. You can get more info about the beta testing from the blog post titled – “INVITING VOLUNTEERS FOR JV-LINKDIRECTORY 5.10 BETA TESTING“. Following are some of the major features and changes in JV-LinkDirectory 5.10:

Link Archival:

With 5.10 version, you can now archive listings in backend. Archiving is a way to put listings that are not used or required for now into cold storage. You can always un-archive those listings to any other state later. Archived listings do not appear in frontend, but can be viewed in the backend. This will typically be useful for directories where you need expired listings to be preserved and not delete them. For example in a software downloads directory or a coupons directory.

Smart Search Plugin:

This is one of the most wanted features requested by our customers in the last 6 months. JV-LinkDirectory Smart Search plugin enables you to index directory listings in the backend, and allow your site visitors to perform instant search on listings in site frontend with keyword suggestions from directory.

Display RSS Feed Content:

You can now assign an extra field that is of RSS field type to be used to fetch and display RSS feed content of a site associated with a listing in your detail page in a new tab. This will typically be the “Latest News” tab in detail page. This helps your visitors to read the latest news from the feed on partner website in the directory itself!

Improvements to “Suggest a Category”:

Henceforth, all category suggestions made via site frontend will now be stored in database. These recommendations will then be shown in the backend where the administrator can decide to discard the recommendation, or can prefer to add a new category with recommendation directly from that recommendation interface.

Improvements to “Recommend a Listing”:

Earlier all new listing recommendations made by your site visitors were sent via email to the administrator. This has been further improved to store them in the database, and shown to the administrator in a new interface. The administrator can decide to discard or view the recommendation in the new interface in backend.

View Comments and Add Comments Permissions:

Upto 5.9.x version, there was only 1 permission for comments which was the “Add Comments” permission. With 5.10 this has been changed to 2 permissions. One for viewing comments, and another for adding comments. This is especially important if you are using JV-LinkDirectory as the commenting system. This is typically used when you dont want Public to add comments, but want to let them view comments. Morover all category based permissions like Add Comment, Rate Link etc… have been to the component level for easy directory management.

New Interface for Link Plans:

In backend you can now see a new interface to view and manage link plans. This can be accessed from the dashboard or the JV-LD component menu dropdown. You dont need to visit the one-way listing configuration to add or manage listing plans any more. 

Change Status of Links Easily:

We have made usability improvements for administrator to change status of listings in backend. The administrator doesn’t need to click on the dropdown and select the new status in the pop up window that appears. If the new status if not Trashed, then the new status will appear in the menu dropdown itself with no popup or modal window. This should make it easier and handy for administrator to change listing statuses.

In the addition to the above major changes, we have also made some minor changes and several bug fixes in this version. I hope you will be thrilled to use the new version.

Looking forward to your comments on 5.10 version.