Announcing JV-LinkDirectory 5.6 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.6 today. As blogged earlier we have introduced exciting new features in JV-LinkDirectory which include the following. 

We have also added one very useful feature for beginners who want to keep the directory basic and simple initially. Read on to know about this feature…

Jump Start Configurator:

JV-LinkDirectory is an extremely flexible extension suite and provides an enormous set of features with 120+ configuration options. Sometimes this could be intimidating for beginners and can take more than the usual time to configure all these options and start using the directory. To help beginners and first time users, JV-LD provides a utility by name Jump Start Configurator.

Jump Start Configurator enables you to setup the directory configuration in less than 5 minutes. Jump Start Configurator will use minimal input from you which will be high level decisions on a few but important feature enabling and disabling options. Based on that it will automatically tune values to other options, and provide you with a directory that is simple to start with. At any time in the future, you can visit the Configuration section and fine tune the individual features, enable more of them and explore and use JV-LinkDirectory to the extent you prefer to. 



Jump Start Configurator can be accessed from Utilities section in JV-LinkDirectory backend, or directly from the Configuration section. We are sure that first time users of JV-LinkDirectory will find this feature extremely useful for getting started with JV-LinkDirectory, and remove the apprehension of starting with a comprehensive directory software.

JV-LinkDirectory customers can now download the 5.6 version from the Downloads area. We are also providing a 10% discount on purchase of 2Checkout Payment Plugin and JomSocial Integration pack till the end of this month. Please use the coupon “EARLYBIRD” (w/o quotes) during checkout to avail this discount.

For reporting issues please use our support tickets section. Hope you like this new version.