Awesome Benefit for Business Edition Users

Business edition users will be very happy to know that we are extending a new benefit to them. We have opened up dedicated ticketing support to Business Edition customers too! which was only available for Enterprise edition customers till now!.

Our dedicated ticketing support is powered by JV-HelpDesk, the Joomla help desk and support ticket extension which is very powerful and intuitive. With ticket support, you can now get dedicated 1 on 1 support with faster response times from our product developers in our Support Ticket area. Some new and significant features that come with this helpdesk tool (JV-HelpDesk) include:

  • Technical support from developers at JV-Extensions.
  • Faster response times than via the forums.
  • Customers can choose their ticket priority.
  • Developers will be paged via whatsapp (developer group) and SMS to their mobiles whenever there is a CRITICAL priority ticket opened by a customer!
  • Customers can add their signature to their ticket description and replies.
  • Customers can rate the response and the support received in the ticket.
  • Customers can provide feature requests by choosing “Feature Request” as the type of ticket while opening it.

We request all our Business Edition customers to make use of this benefit. You can access the same from Support – Support Tickets section from the top menu.