Beta Testing for JV-LD 4.3

We have just completed our alpha testing for JV-LD 4.3 and are now starting with the beta testing today. Version 4.3 introduces the following new features to JV-LinkDirectory:

  • Custom Fields – You can now add custom fields – text fields, text area, radio button fields, checkbox group fields, drop down fields as custom fields for every partner link!
  • Ability to include JV-Extensions affiliate ID in Powered by text
  • Ability to add partner url to Myspace and Facebook, like you have setup for digg, furl and others
  • Integrate Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank with JV-LD
  • Option to show “Add your link here” for public or registered users in category pages
  • Menu position alteration option (bottom or top or both places)
  • Utility to import categories and links from Linx component
  • JV-LD Plugin for Community Builder (needs a separate plugin from JV-Extensions)
  • JV-LD Plugin for JomSocial (needs a separate plugin from JV-Extensions) – Not alpha tested yet. JomSocial users are requested to help us with this.
  • Ability to decide and change order of categories display in admin backend for JV-LD
  • Mass import of links using “Import links from CSV file” into JV-LD
  • Ability to approve and reject links from front-end
  • Sticky Links – You can stick links in category browse pages and all links pages of a category. The sticky links will always appear at the top of the links listing irrespective of the sorting and listing order. This is a unique concept which will help boost SEO for chosen links. Also useful if you want to permanently position a few links at the top!
  • Option to upload .png images in self profiles
  • Option to allow guests to report broken links
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Anyone who is interested in helping us with BETA testing may please contact us ASAP. You must hold a valid license of JV-LD to participate in beta testing.