Calling volunteers for beta testing of JV-LinkDirectory 5.1

beta version

beta versionOfflate we have been doing some heavy work for the next version of JV-LinkDirectory – 5.1. New features have been added, major refactoring of code for performance enhancements have been implemented and many bugs have been fixed in this version.

Some of the changes and new features include:

  1. EasySocial Integration for JV-LD.
  2. One way link plans enhancement – Introducing concept of fallback plan for links after link expiry, decide on what happens to link after it expires, ability to select a default plan via backend for links.
  3. Option to show or hide home page banner.
  4. Add link form redesign in frontend.
  5. New Module to show keywords of links.
  6. Ability to store and show links in multiple languages.
  7. Store website recommendations in db. Admin can now view the recommendations from JV-LD backend.
  8. Ability to select one way link plan while adding link via backend.
  9. Module class suffixes for modules.
  10. New currencies added for support in JV-LD PayPal plugin.
  11. Installation and un-installation simplified to a great extent.
  12. Alert the user if he has enabled 1-way plan but not created a plan in backend.
  13. New option to capture html meta title instead of using page title.
  14. Major database refactoring.

Development testing is in progress for a few more features which we will disclose in the coming days. We take this opportunity to invite our customers for beta testing JV-LD 5.1 as soon as the first beta is released. We will be adding 3 months of free upgrades, support and online documentation for those customers who will participate and provide beta feedback. Note that beta releases are not meant for production/live websites. We plan to release the first beta by 24th Feb 2014 🙂

We request those who wish to join the beta program to make the request as a comment to this blog post so that we can add them to the beta group and notify them about beta start, schedules, bug fixes and news. Those who are already a part of the beta group may get the latest beta related news, share feedback and track the progress at the beta feedback forum.

Updated on 19th February 2014:

Additional features and changes introduced are:

  1. Ability to show number of links, category image and description in alphabar browse page for categories.
  2. Enhancement of Task Manager and Cron Jobs.
  3. Template for monthly email for sending link statistics to link owners.
  4. Minor changes to Mass Email Manager and new configuration section for Mass Email Manager to manage throttling frequency and duration.
  5. Option to delete all emails in mass email manager.

JV-LD 5.1.beta.1 has been released today (19th Feb 2014)

Updated on 15th March 2014:

JV-LinkDirectory 5.1.beta.2 has been released today (15th Mar 2014).

New features, changes and bug fixes include:

Significant Bug Fixes:

  1. Wrong review link in jomsocial activity stream
  2. RSS Feed contains html characters
  3. Plan info and link type not carried over upon error while adding link in backend
  4. Bug in links in multiple languages
  5. Broken thumbnail image in default style for link reviews
  6. Legacy style does not have Visit Website menu item in link detail page
  7. Incorrect tooltip message for featured date setting in link edit in backend
  8. Dont show contact link own button in links display when you are in user menu links and also in link detail page when you own the link
  9. Missing icons in TinyMCE editor in backend
  10. Google maps shows blank in category pages in some conditions
  11. No STW Thumbnail in Category page


  1. Show name of the link plan chosen in add link form
  2. Do a check before calling captcha validator to see if captcha is not selected, but validator is called.
  3. Add description to category importer
  4. Move configuration slider to top in backend to save space and better usability
  5. Admin only one-way plans
  6. Deprecate option
  7. Provide a button or link to go to dashboard after upgrade/installation

We request all beta testers to upgrade to this version and provide us with the feedback. We anticipate that the 5.1 stable version will be released in the next 4-5 days, assuming there are no major issues reported. We would like to thank the following customers who have reported issues in 5.1.beta.1 and look forward to continued engagement in the next betas too.

Updated on 27th March 2014:


  1. Apply language filter and show newly published and featured links (block) links in front-end
  2. Refactoring of code for accurately counting outgoing hits from modules and thumbnails (only for STW)
  3. Option to allow view count increase in detail page for search engine visits too
  4. Implementation of Multi site language filter for module links

JV-LinkDirectory 5.1 has been released today (March 27, 2014). We would like to sincerely thank all our customers who participated in the beta testing. As promised we will be adding 3 months of free upgrades, support and online documentation for all our beta customers in the next couple of days.


Major beta bug report contributors: latino, rakelbara, alialavian, paulbrit, tompyles, mbrooks6, mekkmester