Calling volunteers for JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Beta Testing

We are nearing the completion of version 5.12 alpha phase of JV-LinkDirectory, the powerful directory extension for Joomla. Improving the ease of use for customers and administrators will continue to be the main theme of this version release. We have also entered into partnership with other prominent Joomla extension provider which we will announce in the next couple of days as we explain the upcoming new features and enhancements.

We plan to start the beta testing by 20th February 3rd March and as always we are calling for volunteers to help us with testing of the beta version. We will reward beta testers who help us with bugs and feedback in the beta testing by extending their existing subscription by 1 month. Only those who have active subscriptions of JV-LinkDirectory can participate in the beta testing. Others can purchase JV-LinkDirectory and enroll into beta testing.

Those who are interested to participate in beta testing are requested to indicate so by posting a comment to this blog post. We will then add you to the beta testing group, and will let you know once beta testing starts! Watch out for more blog posts here in the coming days to know about the new features that are coming up in JV-LinkDirectory 5.12.