Calling volunteers for JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 Beta Testing

beta version

beta versionWith JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 alpha testing almost in the completion stages, we are now calling for existing customers of JV-LinkDirectory to volunteer and participate in beta testing of the newest version. This time, beta testing will start on October 23rd and is expected to go on for a couple of weeks.

JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 will be a huge upgrade, considering the number of code changes involved. There are several new features coming up in JV-LinkDirectory 5.5, and we hope they will be of great value addition to your directory. Check out our blog in the coming days as we will announce and explain every new enhancement and feature being introduced.

As a token of appreciation for those who participate in beta testing and report feedback, we will be adding free 4 months of JV-LinkDirectory subscription period to their account, at the end of beta testing. Note that this offer is only for existing customers of JV-LD. If you are not a customer of JV-LD already, you can purchase JV-LD and then enroll in the beta testing, and can avail this offer.

How to participate in beta testing?

  • In the comments section of this blog post, please indicate that you want to participate in beta testing.
  • We will add you to the beta testing group and will then acknowledge in the comments section.
  • During beta testing, you will be able to download beta downloads from the normal downloads section and test it.
  • To report feedback, and discuss features and issues, please use the “JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 Beta Testing” community support forum.

Do you have new ideas for JV-LinkDirectory?, please post them @ or @

Follow this blog post for updates in the coming days!