Create Blog Posts in Tumblr from Joomla!


You already know that JV-PostMaster enables you to auto post or manually post to social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, JomSocial, and also notify search engines when you create new articles or save articles. Now with JV-PostMaster 3.1 that was released on 9th September 2014, we have introduced a new feature to JV-PostMaster – To create blog posts in Tumblr as you save articles in Joomla!

Tumblr ( is a microblogging platform and social networking website owned by Yahoo!. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs, as well as make their blogs private. As of September 1, 2014, Tumblr hosts over 201.3 million blogs, and is a very popular blogging and content sharing platform.

With JV-PostMaster, you can now create new posts in your Tumblr blogs, as you save articles automatically, or when you manually post to Tumblr from Joomla by selecting the article and message. JV-PostMaster lets you choose the individual attributes of the article like title, description, image, meta data description, link etc.. which you can post in your blog at Tumblr. JV-PostMaster can create Text type blog post, Link type blog post, and even a Photo post. Creating these posts is very easy. Make sure you include the attribute tags in the auto post or manual post message as follows:

For Text type post: Include {article-description}
For Link type post: Include {article-link}
For Photo type post: Include {article-image}

Additionally you may include other information like your custom text, {article-title}, {article-metadata-description}, {article-author}, {article-category-name} which gets added to the post.


Not just that, with JV-PostMaster you can also post K2 Items and EasyBlog posts to Tumblr blog too. You can also choose to post to multiple blogs in Tumblr! Wanna see a sample – Visit where you can see posts created using JV-PostMaster from this blog! Hurry up, create your own blog at Tumblr and keep posting to it as you create your own articles in Joomla. It serves as a great SEO enhancement to your Joomla website.