Do subdomains have any impact on SEO?

When it comes to SEO, too much knowledge is never enough. There would always be areas of expertise which are yet to be mastered by you. Let alone master, there are facts and interesting details about SEO which you might not be even aware about. One such detail is the use of subdomains and the kind of impact they can have on the search engine rankings of the website.

Subdomain can prove to be a very powerful tool especially if the webmaster intends to host a web blog or a sub-site which pertains to a completely different theme than the main website. For example, if the main site deals with gaming, the sub-site can deal with education and career opportunities with the help of a subdomain. With the announcement of change in treatment of subdomains by popular search engines, more webmasters have started experimenting with subdomains.

The main advantage of subdomain is that it allows an individual to host a sub-site within a site, thus eliminating the need to purchase another web domain. A lot of people argue that the impact of subdomains on the website is bound to change with the recent announcement by search engines. While some argue that the impact of subdomains has reduced considerably on the websites, others argue that the search engines can still recognize which of the following websites with subdomains are separate entities while which of them are an integral part of the main site.

Subdomains have been around the scene for quite some time now. There have been instances of a single website hosting several subdomains. The main reason for creating these subdomains was to achieve higher search engine rankings. The trick was to create a subdomain based on a single keyword. Thus, if a website shortlisted three keywords, three separate subdomains could be created out of the main website based on a keyword each.

SEO treats subdomain as a separate website, albeit connected with the main website technically. Thus, even if SEO displays the subdomain as a separate search result, it will be preceded by the main website in terms of search engine results.

One of the main reasons why webmasters still resort to the use of subdomains is precisely because of the fact that it allows an individual to dominate the search engine results. If a user is looking for a particular product that a company deals in, the search engine rankings will be dominated by the particular company and its subdomains (listed as separate search results), thus influencing the potential customer to click on the company’s website and therefore, increasing the business for the particular company.