Effective Keyword Advertising in Articles

Keywords are straightforward yet effective Internet marketing tools that can make your marketing strategy successful. As opposed to expensive software or complicated technical processes they boost your online visibility and conversion rate in a most natural way…

Keyword advertising can be defined as advertising with specific words or phrases. The most common forms of keyword advertising we see these days are pay per click or PPC and cost per action or CPA. There are several forms of these methods pay per action or PPA, cost per mille or CPM, and pay per cost or PPC.

If you can use the forms of keyword advertising with proper utilization of anchor text it will improve your search engine ranking for that particular keyword. Keyword advertising can be intensified by creating continuity between the keyword and the landing page of your website. So, if you intelligently place the keywords in your landing page text or in the article appearing in that particular page, it will help in improving the page rank. Accordingly landing page text can be customized for a specific audience or advertisement or search term.

You can also utilize Google AdWords for keyword advertising. Google shows search ads targeting the words or phrases typed in the search box. These keyword-specific ads then appear on the article or content sites, which is known as contextual advertising.

A trend has been noticed recently that shows keyword advertising inside the content of an article, especially longer articles (above 500 words), in a different way. You may find ideally five to six keywords (diluted properly within the text) appearing as highlighted in some different color and with double underlines. If you move your cursor over the highlighted keywords, a tool-tip appears with a brief summary of the advertiser.

This keyword advertising is more effective as they are contextually placed within the text without restricting the reading and in most of the cases supplement the information provided on the article. For example, if the article discusses some tips to keep your pet turtle safe the highlighted keyword (Terrapinarium or Vivarium or Aquarium: the place for keeping the terrapin or turtle safe) comes with a tool tip offering some suppliers info who sell such products.

Keyword advertising in article helps the site owner to offset some of the site maintenance expenses like cost of bandwidth. There are software for preparing these advertisements as well but human intelligence works better.