Exploring the trend of keyword advertising in articles

Keyword advertising is a spontaneous art of popularizing a company or an associated advertiser by rejuvenating the concept of advertising. It is defined as a form of advertising which is related to a particular word, group of words or phrases. It renovates the traditional concept of advertising.

A Keyword is basically a straightforward tool of Internet marketing, which is considered quite effective in making the marketing strategies successful. This form of advertising assists in boosting the online visibility and in speeding up the conversion rate in a subdued and natural manner. The popularizing of words and phrases is done through this mode of keyword advertising. This technique is used in the customized articles these days and in turn receives huge traffic.

There are several advertising techniques that are invariably used in keyword advertising. One of these several techniques is “Keyword search advertising”. In this technique, the advertisements are displayed on the basis of the keyword searched by the user in an article. For instance, if the word “cars” is typed in the search engine by the user, it would produce a number of results based on the keyword entered. The keywords are specified in a particular article, which is made use of in the same by taking into consideration its keyword density. The keyword density ranges between 2% to 4% depending on the length and requirement of the article.

A recent trend shows that the keyword advertising is made proper use of within the article content, particularly within the content of the longer articles i.e. those that are written in more than 500 words. Also, such advertising takes place in a different manner in case of longer articles. Ideally, six to eight keywords are diluted systematically within the content of the articles. These keywords are highlighted in the text by either underlining it or by using different colors as specified. Keyword advertising takes place when the cursor is moved over the highlighted word to extract related information. It randomly directs a tool tip, which is jeweled with the advertiser’s short summary. For instance, if in an article, the keyword specified is “Seo”, then whenever this word appears in the text, it points a tool tip and furthermore displays a brief summary of the company or the advertiser. This way the advertiser is in a position to advertise his product or service to the readers of the article.

Keyword advertising is considered to be more effective as it is contextually placed inside the article content and goes well with the unrestricted reading of the text. Moreover, in almost every case, it duly supplements the given information of an article. For instance, if the article discusses certain guidelines for searching new flats, then the word “Flats” or “Hire” may be the highlighted keyword which may offer a tool tip detailing on the flats information for those looking for new flats. The trend of keyword advertising, therefore, spreads faster as compared to the spread of fashion in an industry.