Filter keyword conversion to link with in HTML tags

With new versions of JV-LD (4.3 released in October end) and JV-Relatives (3.2 in beta currently), one must be wondering about JV-ContentLinks (JV-CL). JV-CL is not far behind.

We are introducing a very important feature in JV-CL in the coming version (v2.5) – the ability to filter or not link keywords which appear with in specific html tags. Like for example, keywords in h1 or h2 or b or strong or whichever is defined in configuration. This will add a new dimension in usability to JV-CL and will be a great value addition to all our customers.

We are also working on other features, which we will post here as we progress on them.

Updated on Nov-29-2009:

The following new features are also being added to JV-CL 2.5:

  • Import of keyword links from a CSV/Txt file
  • Ability to link to blog or different layouts

JV-CL 2.5 will be available for beta testing for our customers from Dec-1-2009 onwards. Please feel free to contact us (with your username) for the beta package.

PHP-5 will be a minimum requirement for JV-CL 2.5 onwards to run