First maintenance release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.13

If you are using JV-LinkDirectory, then there is an update for you. Today, we have released 5.13.1, the first maintenance release of 5.13 version. Though it is predominantly a bug fix and improvements release, we have added a couple of small but very handy enhancements too.

The first one is the introduction of a new tooltip for extra or custom fields. You can see this in the extra field edit screen. With this, you will have 2 tool tips for every extra field. The first one (Add Listing Tool tip) will be shown to the user when the user adds or edits the listing. This is typically used to guide the user in providing the value, like letting them know the format, what it is intended for etc… The second tool tip (Display Tool tip)  will be shown to the user when they hover the listing in site frontend or backend when it is displayed. You can use this to describe what that field is for the site visitor.

Another handy feature that has been added is the ability to contact or chat with JV-Extensions support, and browse relevant documentation articles from with in your own JV-LinkDirectory backend pages. Help is now available with in your Joomla backend itself! Try it out and you will feel even easier to seek support.

There are several other improvements added in this version as well. For the complete list of bugs fixed and improvements, please read the 5.13.1 release notes.