Foreign Language Files for JV-LinkExchanger

We have been experimenting with different approaches for providing language translations for our products. After a long search, we have finally zeroed in on providing machine translation files for our extensions. As a first step, we have released the machine translated language files for JV-LinkExchanger 3.2 version for site frontend, which can be downloaded as a zip file in JV-LinkExchanger Downloads (My Account – My Downloads) section.

Please note that these are machine translated, and hence we strongly recommend that you review the files and make appropriate changes. English language file is also included in the zip for you to refer to and make translation changes. If you wish to submit the translated file with the community, then you may please upload it in our support forum.

We also do not recommend translating backend language files of our extensions as they are too many strings to be translated. Hence we are not providing any machine translations for them. Nevertheless, if you still want to translate them, then please download the JV-LinkExchanger component zip file from, and translate the file in admin/language/{en-GB} folder to your language, rename it and move it to the appropriate language sub folder accordingly.

JV-LinkExchanger 3.2 foreign language files are now available in 8 languages as of August 2017. These include Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian and Swedish. Do let us know if you need translation in a specific language other than what we provide.