– New Feature Requests and Ideas Forum

In a bid to improve product development, we have now subscribed to a feedback service with Uservoice. With this integration, visitors and customers of all our products can add their ideas and feature requests, vote for existing ones and also view the progress of every feature request and idea at

This system is incredibly easy to use and allows us to know the top most feature requested and ideas that our customers proposed in our products. Going forward, will be the single exclusive area, where customers can post ideas and feature requests for all our products. You can also view this area by clicking on the “Post Ideas” widget at the middle left portion of this website.

Each customer gets 20 votes that he can spend on voting for specific features. There is no need to wait… We are already working on newer versions of all our products. Just click on “Post Ideas” widget, put in your idea and select the product category! and we are notified of your request!