Importance of Analytics in SEO

It does not matter what kind of particular technique a webmaster employs in order to popularize their website. Until and unless, the technique used and the results thus delivered should be measurable before any definite conclusion regarding their effectiveness can be made. This is the reason where importance of Analytics in SEO comes in.

The Importance of Analytics in SEO is as much as it is to employ the right kind of promotion techniques. One should be able to map their measure of success before making any next move regarding the promotion of their webpage. The importance of Analytics in SEO can be measured in following terms:

[ATTACH=CONFIG]377[/ATTACH]1. Measuring the targeted traffic:
It is very important for the web master to identify the total number of targeted traffic that actually visits the websites. If the targeted traffic is poised in the right direction, the chances of making business can improve manifold too. Similarly, this move will also allow the individual to figure out the bounce rate i.e. the individuals who leave the site within no time of entering it. Usually if an individual leaves the website within five minutes of staying on it, it is counted among the bounce visits. Ideally, if a website has less than 25% bounce rate out of the total visitors, the web page is considered to have a considerable amount of traffic.

2. Checking the response:
Once the volume of traffic has been assessed, the importance of Analytics in SEO can be felt when it comes to actually checking the total number of people who visit the website thoroughly and then respond in a positive manner. Responding well could mean that the advertisements or the content posted on the website is geared in the right direction. It allows the webmaster to assess what clicks with the targeted audience so that more of similar stuff can be incorporated while the useless one can be simply chucked off.

3. Assess the page popularity:
The realization of importance of Analytics in SEO comes to light when analytics reveal how popular a page is among the traffic and if a website has multiple web pages, it can also assess how individual page ranks in terms of popularity. Some of the most popular tools used for analytics include Radian6, Alterian Social Media Monitoring Tool, Scoutlabs Web Based Social Media Monitoring Tool, Real Time Social Media Monitoring Tool

4. Internet marketing firms:
There are plethora of internet marketing firms today, most of which charge hefty fee for promoting your website. These marketing firms are probably well versed with the importance of Analytics in SEO as they initially check the data and ratings of the particular website before taking any further steps to promote it. Thus it makes sense to remain aware of the site performance and constantly improve it via analytics before trying to take help from any external internet marketing firms