Important Actions for Directory Admin after Upgrading to JV-LD 5.1

There are a few very important changes introduced in JV-LD 5.1.0 which require you, the site administrator to be aware after upgrading to that version. Some of them even require your action as follows:

New Way of Running Background Operations:

JV-LD 5.1.0 introduces a new way of running the cron job for its background operations. All the background operations have been merged into a single cron job with predefined time intervals. Thus it is necessary that you delete all existing cron jobs that you have created for JV-LD and create just one global cron job for all JV-LD operations. It is no more required to create one cron job each for each operation like sending monthly statistics, scheduled reciprocal checking etc… Please follow the link below for the documentation article for instructions to create this single global cron job. Click here to open link to doc article.

Default Plan, Fallback Plan, Admin Only Plans:

JV-LD 5.1.0 introduces a new set of concepts called Default plan, fallback plan and admin only plans. Now it is mandatory for all links to be associated with a one way plan whether is free or paid.

  • Default Plan: This is the plan that will be used during link imports, conversion to 1-way links etc
  • Fallback Plan: This is the one way plan which will be assigned to the links after they expire
  • Admin only Plan: This is a plan that will be visible or can be assigned to a one way link when it is added via backend.

After you upgrade, please visit the One way links configuration and set a default plan (in Selection tab of one way links configuration). Also set the link expiration method – If JV-LD should delete the link after it expires or change the plan to the fallback plan. If you decide to go for fallback option, then you must assign a fallback plan as well.