Important subscription and payment related changes at JV-Extensions

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the recent 24 hour downtime of our website. We had to take our website offline, due to some emergency operations that we had to do, that was caused due to un-expected and sudden developments at Paypal. Paypal has recently put a hold on payments to all accounts based in India and we suspect that, it would take months for Paypal to sort this out with Indian regulators. As our business is based in India, we have been severely affected due to this sudden development.

In the last 24 hours, we have worked out on an alternative. We have chosen Plimus to be the authorized reseller and payment processor, to process online orders and collect payments for all products and services at JV-Extensions. With the PLIMUS hosted e-Business platform, companies worldwide market, sell and distribute online digital goods and services securely and confidently

With this tie-up with Plimus, our customers now have variety of ways to purchase our products. Plimus accepts payments via, bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, phone orders, payments via Paypal and more…

We have also worked out on simplifying the pricing and payment models for our customers during the last 24 hours. Based on numerous feedback from our customers, we have decided to remove the concept of subscriptions and automatic renewals of subscriptions for our products. Each of our products will still be given in 3 plans (Silver, Gold, Platinum), to enable us to cater to all types of customers. The only difference will be that, a subscription will not be created anymore.

In-fact, as a part of this, we have already canceled all our existing active Paypal subscriptions of our customers. Access to downloads, docs and support will continue to be there for existing customers who have purchased these subscriptions, till the expiry date of the subscription. By canceling the subscription, we have only made sure that, these subscriptions are not automatically renewed.

If any time, you need access to product downloads, documentation and support, after the purchase plan expires, then you need to re-purchase the same product plan or higher or lower plan again! We will also be sending you reminders when there are only 3 days left for your current purchase plan to expire, so that you can visit our Purchase page at and purchase the same or higher or lower plan again!

With things set up now again, we observe that, we have a backlog of support issues to work on. We assure our customers, that, we will look into each of your questions as soon as possible and will answer them.