Improve SEO with Internal Links

The process of internal linking within the website structure is pivotal for higher rankings on the search engines. This is an important aspect of making the web site search engine friendly, as besides the links from the other web sites, it is also recommended to easily maximize the internal links within the web site too.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]379[/ATTACH]The additional benefit of internal linking is that these links are totally under the total control of the web site owner itself. Besides, the internal linking structure can be highly beneficial in ensuring that the web site gets properly linked within itself, thereby increasing the relevance of the keywords or phrases related to the web site content. By maximizing the internal linking process effectively within the web site, higher page rankings can also be obtained

In order to build the relevancy of the page with respect to a keyword or a phrase, individual pages of the web sites should be ranked with respect to the different phrases. This implies that the home page should target the most competitive phrase, while the less competitive phrases should be present on the internal pages.

Moreover, it is advisable to use the targeted phrases on the internal pages as the linking text in case the linking is done through the navigation, the footers or the inlet text links. This kind of internal linking technique is beneficial in giving a boost to SEO within the web site, especially with respect to the competitive phrases.

However, linking all the pages of the web site from the homepage should be avoided as besides looking unattractive, it only diffuses the weight which each individual link possesses. Rather than cramming the major phrase of the web site into each and every link, it is rather recommended to optimize the web site by adding the appropriate weights to every page

Additionally, footers should be carefully used in the web sites. Rather than treating them as spam tools, the footers should contain only limited and important links that aid in better page rankings on the search engines.

The anchor text should also be wisely written and used while linking only the key internal pages on the web site ands listing the rest on the site map. Internal linking can also be done in terms of links which are placed in between the content of the web site. These are referred to as inline text links. While these are only slightly helpful in optimization of the pages, they should only be utilized when they are entirely relevant to the web site content