Improve SEO with submissions to online directories

In order to make the effective use of directory submissions one needs to clearly understand the concept of SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means the process of optimizing the customer’s web site so that it might get higher rankings in the search results of the search engines. In order to achieve this goal, basically two things need to be done. The first on involves re-writing or updating the SEO content of the web site in order to make it thoroughly search engine friendly.

The second aspect involves the popularity of the links contained within the SEO web sites. For this purpose, it is essential to provide proper external non-broken links of the SEO web site. Moreover, it is also requisite to clearly define the theme of the web site in view of the relevant keywords. This is because, the search engines find the relevant websites based upon their SEO links. Thus, the more the number of inbound links there are to a website, the better are its rankings.

One very popular method of quick link building to the website is known as web directory submission. This is because the main purpose of the online directories is to provide relevant links based upon the entered keyword to the online visitors. The SEO value of such sites is thus of enormous importance. These are vital while promoting a new SEO web site as the return on investment is very high in comparison to the initial expenditure.

The internet is an amalgam of thousands and thousands of web directories, many of which also offer free link submissions and thus free SEO, without charging any amount of money. On the other hand, some of the other popular online directories charge a small fee for their services. However, it is not compulsory to submit links to these internet directories. These relevant free SEO supporting web directories can be easily found online via a quick web search. These lists can be suitably exploited to submit the URL of the web site, either yourself or by hiring someone to do the work for you.

With directory submission, the link of your web site URL is placed in the online directory and more number of links will eventually result in more number of SEO back links, thus guaranteeing lots of traffic in addition to a higher page ranking. In comparison to the method of buying links, this method of improving SEO via online directories is must more economical and beneficial, even though it might be time consuming.

The basic rate of buying a link is generally $1, which figures out to be $200 for 200 back links. This is very expensive as compared to 200 free back links one can get based upon the approval of their web site on the free web directories.

Some of the popular free web directories include DMOZ, So Much, Link Centre, Pegasus Directory, JV-Directory etc. On the other hand, some of the popular paid directories include InCrawler, Best Of The Web, JoeAnt, Yahoo Directory, Gimpsy, etc.