Improve your web content with RSS feeds

Almost every second individual has a website today. Most of the individuals have a website which requires to be updated almost every other day in order to outlive the competition from other websites. Now the big question here is how an individual does live with the competition. There are two options available to him – either he updates the content everyday, trying to come up with the most renovated and fresh ideas on everyday basis. The second option is to seek help from RSS feeds

Having a static website is simply not the option anymore, especially with the SEO raising the bar on qualifying standards in order to reach the top spot in search engine rankings. Moreover a website which is updated frequently stands a higher chance of being listed in the search rankings on the top spot. Most of the web owners who are ignorant about RSS feeds are simply at a loss.

RSS feed is the easiest and convenient option of including new content to the website every day sans any hassles. RSS newsfeed is updated everyday by news agencies from all over the world. There is a number of software available in the market and on the internet. These software automatically secure the daily RSS feeds, shortlist the content which is more relevant to one’s content on the website and automatically add it to the website. These software help to filter out the relevant content from the RSS feeds, add it to the site thus helping to update the content and increasing the chances of being featured in the SEO listings.

However, the software installed would still need to be directed to particular websites from where it can filter RSS feeds. Thus, it is imperative that a webmaster does his homework well before experimenting with this option. There are thousands of websites which offer RSS feeds. It is necessary to figure out which ones of the lot offer the best quality and most genuine RSS feeds. Only such sites should be directed to the software. Remember, what you sow is what you reap. Just in case, an individual ends up using unreliable sites for RSS feeds, the quality of the content posted on the website will suffer too

There are various types of RSS sites. These include:

  • RSS 2.0 which makes use of XML namespaces
  • RSS atom is considered to be still at infant stage and is the most basic version. People who are more tech-savvy would particularly love atom.

HTML feed types are also a kind of feed type which allows an individual to post content to the website without really using a RSS feeder.

Some of the most reliable sites for RSS feeds include Yahoo, BBC, Cnet. Else the sites for RSS feeds can also be assessed on the basis of their SEO rankings and thus incorporated accordingly.