Incredible SEO Friendly Joomla Templates worth Checking Out

Joomla boasts of a slot in the highly coveted top three content management systems. Alongside WordPress and Drupal, Joomla has stood the test of times to prove its efficacy and efficiency when it comes to catering for specific needs of users. The fact that this CMS is user friendly is undoubtable. Even more, the availability of numerous templates from which users can create their choice of websites makes Joomla an almost irresistible platform. Their templates not only come in varieties of niches but also specifications depending on a user’s needs. 


While a number of templates are affordable, some of these templates can be quite expensive. The real problem settles in when you opt for a pricey choice of template that isn’t responsive or SEO friendly or optimized. A couple of people have made such mistakes before. You wouldn’t want to ensure the continuity of that list; right? All you need is a list of highly responsive and SEO Optimized Joomla Templates that aren’t necessarily expensive. Here we go!


For those interested in creating websites resembling magazines, this would be the best pick. It guarantees an exemplary look of a magazine blog. From the outset, it looks so simple but that should not deceive. Compared to the commonly available Joomla templates of similar calibre, it can comfortably take a ‘difficult to manage’ slot. 

One impressive feature about Magazine template is that it is absolutely free! Nothing sounds better than getting such a responsive and search engine optimized template at no cost. For impressive and quality picture display on your site, this is the perfect template to go for. In addition, you will not be disappointed if you need a sleek and attractive magazine website when you choose this template. Owing to the aura of style depicted in this template, is preferable for highly scalable and outstanding magazine blogs.

SJ Vinda

Any reputable SEO company would recommend this irrefutable template for you. Featuring an impressive design and supportive of K2 features, it is amazing when it comes to creation of powerful websites. Looking at the design, one can completely rush to say it is complicated but underneath it is an easy to implement template. It allows one to create a highly a search engine friendly site without necessarily putting extra efforts. The template is designed on the YT Framework V2 and has glamorous six colour schemes. This is not evident in many templates making it a preferable choice of template for many people. 

More amazingly, this template comes along with 8 bonus pages which are supportive of RTL language. SJ Vinda is free so you do not have to scratch your head trying to figure out how you will foot the purchase. The fact that it is SEO optimized makes it even a better choice of template for businesses. It is the perfect choice to opt for when you want to give your website a touch of elegance, perfection, and sleekness. 

Afterburner 2

Looking at the name, you might be wondering the possibility of this template being among the highly rated Joomla templates. If you are the type, you might as well need to put aside the myth about names and focus on the product. This idea template is built on Gantry 4 framework. With it comes 34 module positions each of which come in 3 pre-set styles. It’s load speed is pretty impressive making it a good choice of template for some with high regards for SEO. It boasts of being among the fastest Joomla templates created by Rocket Theme. 

With this template, you can create a faster website with reduced load time and thereby increasing your chances of dominating top search engine result pages. Just like its predecessors, Afterburner is free and easily accessible. 


Radon also offers greater SEO potentials. The template is designed to create powerful and amazing websites. It is suitable for creating modern day websites with easy to navigate user interfaces. Looking at Redon, you would need a third party to convince you that it is actually free! It ranks as one of those few free templates that might have been developed with prehistoric websites in mind. 

It is easy to use and can help you develop a highly responsive website with massive SEO potential. The other amazing aspect is that this template comes fully armed with CSS3, HTML5, K2, and Mega Menu making it a truly irresistible choice of template. 

Purity III

The highly coveted list of top SEO optimised Joomla templates wouldn’t be done without the mention of Purity III. From the outlook, the design of this template tells it all. The template is flexible and has a wide range of applications. From Magazine websites to e-commerce platforms, you can use this template in several websites. The T3 Framework from which it is made makes it perfect for portfolios alongside other web designs. 

The layout options to be used with this template are entirely dependent on your goals. Its unique feature makes it possible to blend it with a variety of common extensions like JomSocial, Easy Discuss, EasyBlog, Mijoshop, JV-LinkDirectory, and Kunena. It is highly responsive and perfect for creating highly SEO optimized websites.

Other Critical Factors worth Considering 

In your quest for the perfect template, you need to consider other important factors besides SEO optimization and responsiveness. The resultant website should go beyond satisfying the search engines; it should be a perfect platform for the prospective users. Which are some of the aspects that make this possible? 

  1. Social Media Integration – It is important to go for a template with enhanced social media integration features. It should be compatible with varied social media icons including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and even Instagram.
  2. Design and Layout – Your choice of template should be appealing if you are to capitalize on first time visitors. The resultant website developed using that template should be attractive and easy to use.

Ideally, your choice of Joomla Template should be lovely to the search engines if you are to win the internet race. Seemingly, it should also be appealing to prospective users giving you every reason to be keen while choosing possible templates.