Inviting Volunteers for JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 Beta Testing

JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a powerful feature rich, SEO optimized, responsive Joomla Directory extension with which you can build directory of website or non-website based listings of all types like Link Directory, Real Estate Directory, Software Downloads Directory, Link Exchange Directory, Coupons Directory etc….

We are moving fast with our development of JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 version, and are expecting to start the beta testing for 5.10 version by June 17th 2017. With exciting new features being introduced, we are calling upon volunteers to help us with beta testing of the product. We are planning the beta testing to go on for 2 weeks and release the GA version latest by end of June.

We will reward beta testers who help us with bugs and feedback in the beta testing with a 20% coupon code which you can use with any product or add on or renewal purchase at JV-Extensions. Only those who have active subscriptions of JV-LinkDirectory can participate in the beta testing. Others can purchase JV-LinkDirectory and enroll into beta testing.

Those who are interested to participate in beta testing are requested to provide your intent with a comment to this blog post. We will then add you to the beta testing group, and will let you know once beta testing starts! Watch out for more blog posts here in the future to know about the new features that are coming up in JV-LinkDirectory 5.10