JV-ContentLinks 4.0 for Joomla 3.x Released


b2ap3_thumbnail_new_version.pngToday we are excited to announce the release of latest version – 4.0 of JV-ContentLinks. This is the first version of JV-ContentLinks on Joomla 3.x and has been written from scratch. The new version is available now for download in the Downloads area at JV-Extensions for all JV-ContentLinks customers. Some of the significant features introduced in this version include:

Quick Add Keyword Link – You can now add links on keywords in an article at site frontend by just double clicking a keyword phrase and add a url to it, all in a just in a few seconds. Admin can select user groups who are authorized to do this action! A video of how this works is available in JV-CL Product Page.

JV-ContentLinks 3.x to 4.x migrator – We have created an inbuilt migrator that will connect to your JV-CL 3.x database and migrate data to your JV-CL 4.x database. This migrator is available as a part of the JV-CL 4.0 component. You need to install the component and visit the migrator menu item to run this utility.

JQuery Compatible – Mootools is no more required for JV-CL to work. All dependencies on mootools have been removed and JV-CL 4.0 is fully JQuery compatible.

Resource Packs – JV-CL 4.0 comes ready with resource packs for Joomla Core Articles, K2 Items and EasyBlog posts.