JV-ContentLinks 4.3 New Version Release

We are super happy to announce the release of JV-ContentLinks 4.3 version today to all our customers. JV-ContentLinks 4.3 is almost a completely revamped release with several bug fixes, changes and new features. The core objective of the release is to keep it very simple for users in front-end to use JV-ContentLinks to add links to keyword and purchase advertising, and an overhaul of the back-end interfaces.

Some significant changes include introducing a new theme for JV-ContentLinks, ability to add link on keywords for free by users of specific user groups, partial Kunena support for JV-ContentLinks, Bootstrap compatibility and more…

Please read the release notes for JV-ContentLinks 4.3 for more details of new features, changes and bugs fixed. We have also revised our documentation exhaustively and added new articles and troubleshooting section at our knowledge base – https://kb.jv-extensions.com/

Existing customers would be receiving emails notifying them of this new update with links to download the new version. If you wish to purchase JV-ContentLinks, then you may please purchase it now from JV-ContentLinks Product Page. We are also offering a 10% discount on purchases till end of August. Please use the coupon code “1ede3764e8” (without quotes) during checkout to avail the discount!