JV-Extensions High Level Products Roadmap for 2014



Offlate there have been multiple things cooking at JV-Extensions and we thought it would be a good idea to share them with our stakeholders. In addition to the bug fixes and minor feature enhancements that we plan to provide on all our products, we are also thinking big with some great addons.

So this is how the high level roadmap for our products looks like for this year… This is a plan and a direction for evolution of our products and we welcome you to add to it with your feature requests or what you would like to see in them in 2014!



  1. Cobalt CCK Integration
  2. Option to display a related article title with link at the end of selected/every paragraph of the displayed article like in a few news websites.


  1. JV-ContentLinks 4.0 for Joomla 3.x – ETA by mid-June.
  2. Ability to quickly add keyword links in a few seconds via site frontend by admin.
  3. Native compatibility with atleast 2 more Joomla components.


  1. Integration with LinkedIn
  2. Integration with Google+


  1. Rechristen this product into a more robust thumbnail provider product in the coming days. The vision is to convert this into a product that can be configured to get thumbnails from a bunch of 4-5 thumbnail providers to start with. May be call it – JV-Thumbnails… Suggestions are welcome…:) We will continue to offer this product free for all.


  1. Import from Bookmarks
  2. Ability to provide banner, description title for entries.


  1. JV-LinkDirectory 4.12 with all applicable features introduced in JV-LD 5.x series till date. Joomla 2.5.x users can now enjoy all the latest features with JV-LD 4.12. Tentative ETA is mid-July.
  2. JV-LinkDirectory 5.3 by end of September
    1. Support for 2 additional thumbnail providers. Today JV-ShrinkTheWeb and Websnapr are supported.
    2. A setup wizard to mimic JV-LD to WebLinks, Bookmarks and JV-LinkExchanger. This is to ensure that the admin does not need to go through detailed configuration setting even to start! Customers migrating from these extensions should be able to use this wizard and get JV-LD mimic them in a few clicks.
    3. 2Checkout payment processor integration
    4. Expansion of one way link profiles. Today a plan in one way link is composed of number of secondary categories, photos, videos, logo etc… We plan to add number of text profiles, banner profiles, sticky options.
    5. Import from Bookmarks component
    6. Complete migration from mootools to to jQuery
  3. JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 by end of December

Additionally we also plan to release 2 new styles for JV-LinkDirectory this year!

New Products:

Yes you read it right. We are working on 3 new products this year. One of them is a free product for the Joomla community while the other two are commercial ones. We will reveal more about them in the coming days.