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I am writing this with utmost grief caused to my city – Chennai, the biggest metropolitan city in south India which has been devastated due to very heavy rains and water flooding in the last one week. It has been the deluge of the century in Chennai that has created havoc and left thousands of people homeless, and several dead. People including women and children are clamoring for food and shelter. The entire city has been struggling with no electricity and mobile/network connectivity for the last 6 days and the loss is assessed to be in several millions of Indian rupees. It is a complete standstill, and there are all out efforts from the central and state governments, Indian army, navy and air force to evacuate people and provide relief. Help is pouring in from all over the world to the affected people and rehabilitate them.

We at JV-Extensions have decided to donate 60% of the revenue we will make this month towards the relief work. I am requesting you to help Chennai limp back to life with your heart felt donations, which will be donated to the Prime Minister Relief fund, and also procure food and relief material for the affected people. Chennai has lost several lives, homes and infrastructure in this carnage, and I personally appeal to you to help those who are going through the calamity and those who are surviving it. I humbly request you to help Chennai with your generous donations. Even $10 donation from you will make a difference. Please click on the “Donate” image below to start donating.

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To read more about the floods, please read:

PS: JV-Extensions operates from Chennai, and just like the others we have also had our share of struggle in the last 6 days with no power, water and connectivity to rest of the world. To continue supporting our customers, we moved out to Coimbatore, another city in India from where we are working till Chennai gets back to normalcy. 

Thank you for your understanding and hoping to see contributions from you.