JV-Extensions partners with J!Extensions Store

Today we are pleased to announce the formation of a new partnership with J!Extensions Store (http://storejextensions.org). J!Extensions Store offers professional development Joomla! extensions, and they deliver award winning extensions to the community such as JSitemap, JChatSocial, Responsivizer and more.

JSitemap, from J!Extensions Store is the most popular among Joomla users and webmasters and has become the extension for the Joomla sitemap management that’s indispensable for every website. A useful sitemap generator ideal for the less experienced and able to create a sitemap for images. It has become the number one extension at Joomla JED and official Joomla Community Choice. JV-Extensions also uses JSitemap for generating our sitemap.

With this partnership, we have worked together in generating urls of JV-LinkDirectory in JSitemap as new data sets. So if you are using JV-LinkDirectory your directory urls are just a click away from being added to the sitemap using JSitemap.

In addition to the product level integration, we are also offering a flat 20% discount for purchase of JSitemap and JRealtime Analytics at J!Extensions Store. This offer is extended to all our customers who have an active subscription of any of our products. Please visit the Partners page to view all our partners and get the coupon codes!