JV-LD 4.4 Beta Testing, Issues, Solutions and Downloads

We are glad to inform that, the beta version of JV-LD 4.4 has been released. Packed with numerous features, we expect JV-LD 4.4 to be a major milestone for our directory software. We request JV-LD customers to help us in beta testing and submit their issues in the thread at https://www.jv-extensions.com/jv-linkdirectory-support/1547-jv-ld-4-4-beta-testing-issues-solutions-and-downloads.html

  • All the latest news about this beta, as it progresses, will be provided in the thread
  • New versions of beta, if required will be released, in the thread
  • Please do not use Beta versions in production or live environments and websites
  • You may please report issues and suggestions in the thread. We do not guarantee that, suggestions can be taken at this stage for JV-LD 4.4, but issues will certainly be investigated into and fixed, based on the criticality
  • We are yet to update the documentation section for all the new features that are introduced in JV-LD 4.4. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please post them in this thread

JV-LD has undergone a change to a great extent to incorporate the numerous new features. The features introduced include,

  • New “Directory Statistics” Module
  • New “Most Voted Links” Module
  • Option to display number of links in categories and sub categories
  • JV-LD compatibility for JomSocial (2 new plugins are introduced)
  • Search facility based on url, for links manager in backend
  • Advanced UTF-8 compatibility
  • Record IP address of submitter
  • New breadcrumb options (Joomla breadcrumb or JV-LD breadcrumb)
  • Replacement variables in category pages for advanced SEO
  • Auto populate link add fields
  • Advanced JV-LD installation routines
  • Performance improvement (will continue to be tested parallely by us during beta)
  • Query usage fine tuning
  • Include JV-LD link details in sitemap
  • Styles Manager
  • Option to disallow link submission to defined categories, but still allow submission to their sub categories
  • Twitter Social bookmarking button in link detailed page
  • Directory slogan for JV-LD
  • Sample Data installation during fresh installation of JV-LD
  • Title for banner profiles
  • Notes field (private records) for admin, for links in backend
  • RSS feeds for categories pages
  • Ajax link ratings
  • Limit the number of sub categories that are shown in frontend for categories
  • Option to enable/disable display of directory statistics
  • Google Maps integration with JV-LD
  • Dashboard integration for taking action on pending link reviews
  • Display latest links for selected categories and sub categories
  • Display featured links for selected categories and sub categories
  • Reset buttons to add link and banner forms
  • Option to order categories automatically (alphabetically) or manually
  • New 4-column display of categories (style #4)
  • Automatically create thumbnails for categories as images for them are added
  • Display images for category in category description in frontend
  • Option to prepend directory titles to page titles in each screen
  • Option to hide/show website URL in link detail page
  • New statistics – “Todays Links” and “Number of Categories”, “Number of sub-categories” in Directory Statistics
  • New options in featured links

and numerous bug fixes.

We expect to run the beta testing for a week till March-5th 2010 and our plan is to go GA on March-6th. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation.

We hope you will like JV-LD 4.4. Please also share your feedback with us in this thread on JV-LD 4.4.