JV-LD 5.3.0 Dev Update – Link Exchange Connect Service


In JV-LinkDirectory 5.3.0, we are introducing a new feature, or rather a service that you can provide to your site visitors. The service is called Link Exchange Connect Service (also called LECS in short). Link Exchange Connect Service provides you the ability to offer a free link exchange service for your site visitors.

LECS connects owners of your directory listings with site visitors who are looking for link or banner exchange. This feature empowers you to provide a value added service to your site visitors, and helps them in building links by connecting prospective link partners with them. In return your reputation is improved, and websites start coming back to your directory looking for more partners for link exchange.

lecs-dirwallWhen someone adds his link to your directory, he can opt for being notified of accepting invitations for link exchange with other visitors of your site. If he opts, then JV-LinkDirectory will post a message in the link detail page of the listing indicating that the listing owner is accepting link exchange invitations. The announcement will also be made in directory wall and also in CB/JomSocial/EasySocial walls if you use and decide to. The announcement message will contain a link which when clicked will take the visitor to the url of the listing owner site, where he can initiate the link exchange. This url will be provided by the listing owner when he added his site to your directory.

Not just that, as directory administrator/owner you can also track the number of such referrals that you made connecting prospective link partners for exchange. You will be able to access the configuration for LECS under a new menu item in configuration section called “Services”. This also does not require you to do any link exchanges with anyone. In-fact if you wish you can even disable two-way links in your directory and still use this feature provided by JV-LinkDirectory.

We are eager to know what you think about LECS!