JV-LD 5.3.0 Dev Update – Module to show latest comments on listings

Following up on our series of blog posts on JV-LinkDirectory 5.3.0, here we are with the next feature – “Module to show latest comments of listings”. As you would have already read the other blog posts, we are introducing integration and support for Komento and CComment for JV-LinkDirectory listings in JV-LinkDirectory 5.3.0. With this, users will be able to add comments to listings if you are using Komento and CComment. 


The feature that we are introducing will enable you to show a module in Joomla with latest n number of comments picked up from either Komento or CComment whichever you are using as the default commenting system for listings in JV-LinkDirectory configuration. You can also choose to show avatars of comment authors if you are using EasySocial or JomSocial or Community Builder. As expected the number of comments to be shown can be configured from module configuration. The url on the comments in the module will take you to the permalinks of the respective comments in the detail page of the listings.

Hope you like this feature. Awaiting your response in our comment section!