JV-LD 5.3.0 Dev Update – Multiple Locations for a Listing on Maps


This is the next in the series of blog posts on upcoming features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.3.0. As you are already aware, you can create an extra field for address/place for a listing and also configure it to be shown on maps in category pages and link detail page. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.3.0, we are enhancing this even further to allow multiple addresses/places for a listing. This can typically be used for business listings where a business operates in multiple locations across the globe.


multiple-locations-configWhen configured for display in maps, all the addresses will shown in category pages and link detail pages. A specific feature that we are empowering in link detail pages is the ability to choose a destination from among all the addresses of that listing and get the route to drive to that location. You can select the destination address, enter the source location and hit enter to get the driving directions! The driving directions is powered by Google maps which provides you with turn by turn directions.

The category pages when configured for maps, will also display all addresses of all listings belonging to that category in the category page.

Hope you like this new feature. Do comment about what you think…

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