JV-LD 5.3.0 Dev Update – New Style, Enhanced Payment and Add Link screens, K2 Integration and more…

2014-10-15 23-32-59

With 5.3.beta.1 beta testing in progress, we would like to share more interesting news with all, about upcoming features in JV-LD 5.3.0. These features include:

  • Enhanced Post Payment Processing
  • Keywords/Tags and SEF for Tags
  • Multiple One way Free Plans and Enhanced Add Link Menu/Screen
  • Individual Map Configuration for Category and Detail pages
  • Gravatar in Modules
  • Configurable Text in Connect Now Banner
  • Category Description in Pages
  • K2 Integration with JV-LinkDirectory
  • Option to load Bootstrap
  • New Style for Bootstrap 3.2.0

Continue reading to know more about each of these features…

Enhanced Post Payment Processing:

JV-LD 5.3.0 will bring in a small, but important change to purchase process of one-way link, featured link, sponsor a category and advertisement payments. In the current version, once the purchase is complete, JV-LD sends an order processed email with reference ID and payment email along with other purchase info to the customer. Customer will then login to his account, go to My Purchases and then validate the info and then will be able to take the action, like adding the link, providing ad info etc…

In 5.3.0 we are making a change such that a link will be provided in the order processed email that is sent to the customer after the purchase. When the customer clicks on the link, he will be validated automatically and will directly land in the post processing page where he can take the action. This helps customer skip about 2 clicks and pages before he can start taking action. This is intended towards improving customer experience with purchases.

2014-10-15 23-32-59

Keywords/Tags and SEF for Tags:

JV-LD 5.3.0 will also consider the keywords provided for listings as tags for them. The search engine friendly URL that is used today will be replaced with tag/{tagname} to provide enhanced SEO benefits. When clicked, the SEF URL will take the customer to the page where the listings that are related by tags are displayed.

Multiple One way Free Plans and Enhanced Add Link Menu/Screen:

2014-10-15 23-41-52

Till now, as an administrator you were able to create only one free one way link plan in JV-LD backend. With JV-LD 5.3.0, we are opening up the option to add as many free one way plans that you want. Additionally, if you are exchanging links and also providing one-way links option, then both of them will be shown as options in a single table, comparing all of them in frontend. By default when two way links are enabled, they will be shown as “Exchange” plan which is always free in the comparison table. Alternatively if there are no one way link plans, then the add link menu will take the user directly to the exchange link form and vice-versa.

Individual Map Configuration for Category and Detail pages:

JV-LD 5.3.0 will introduce separate configuration for maps that are displayed in category and detail pages. This is useful if you want to setup different zoom levels, type of maps, height and width for each of the maps. You will also be able to select the unit (% or px) for width!

Gravatar in Modules:

Today JV-LD supports display of avatars from JomSocial, EasySocial and Community Builder in directory wall and latest comments modules. With JV-LD 5.3.0, admin will be able to select displaying Gravatar of users as an alternate option too!

Configurable Text in Connect Now Banner:

In JV-LD 5.3.0 we are making the text that you see in the Connect now banner in directory home page, configurable. This will help you provide a customized message/text in the banner.

Category Description in Pages:

Today the description given to categories will be shown in tool tips in JV-LD. With JV-LD 5.3.0, we are now moving this text underneath the category name. This option is valid only for top level categories.

K2 Integration with JV-LinkDirectory:

We wanted to ensure that voice of our customers are not just heard, but also implemented asap. The popular request of K2 integration with JV-LD is implemented in JV-LD 5.3.0. With this integration, you can create a new item in K2 whenever a new link is published. Additionally, in category pages and details pages, you can show related items fetched from K2 too!

Option to load Bootstrap:

We are also providing a new option to load Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 in JV-LD configuration. If you are using a Joomla template (like Protostar) that uses the twitter bootstrap that comes with Joomla, then you need not load the bootstrap in JV-LD. You can set it off with this option. Alternatively if you are using a template like Beez3 that is not using twitter bootstrap, but would like JV-LD to be responsive, then you can set this option to load Twitter bootstrap.

New JV-LinkDirectory Style for Bootstrap 3.2.0/T3 Framework compatibility:

This is a major change that we are bringing in JV-LD 5.3.0. Today Joomla bundles 2.3.2 version of Twiter bootstrap with it, and all templates and extensions can use that bootstrap version to display content responsively. We find that popular template providers like Joomlart are already using Twitter bootstrap 3.2.0 (latest) which is causing huge number of alignment issues with extensions like ours (JV-LD). This is not an issue with JV-LD as it is compatible with Joomla and it’s standard (of Twitter bootstrap 2.3.2).

But with such providers opting to move further with recent versions of bootstrap, and due to incompatibility with products like ours, we at JV-Extensions decided to create a new style (defaultbs3) for JV-LD. This style is built on Twitter bootstrap (3.2.0) and should work out of the box with framework like T3 framework of Joomlart which uses this bootstrap version. Refer to the first image in this blog post for a snapshot of the directory with this style.


We hope you like these new features and find them exciting and interesting. We are eagerly waiting to know what you think. Please do share your comments on them.