JV-LD 5.4 Dev Update – Category specific Extra Fields

imgdoc 97

imgdoc 97

I am here again to blog about the last feature update before the next beta release, which is also expected to be the last beta release for JV-LinkDirectory 5.4. We are glad to add “Category specific Extra Fields” feature to JV-LinkDirectory.

With this feature, you can now define extra fields that can be associated with links in specific categories. You will also have the option to make the field global. Global fields are applicable to all links in all categories, where as those that are category specific will be applicable only to links in those selected categories.

When a user adds a link in front-end, he will be shown all global fields to fill. Additionally, based on the category he has selected, he will be shown fields that are specific to that category.

As an example, let us assume we have created A as a global field, B as a field associated with Category CAT1, and C as a field associated with Category CAT2. When a user adds a link via front-end and chooses category CAT1 for that link, then he will be shown fields A and B to fill, in the add link form. Field C will not be applicable for that listing. Similarly in the listing pages and detail pages only the applicable fields will be displayed for the listings.

This feature opens up possibilities to expand the directory usage to multiple types of data across categories.

Show/Hide Label for Extra Field:

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This is yet another small feature we are adding in JV-LinkDirectory 5.4. With this feature, you can decide to show or hide the extra field name or label in listing and detail pages. When hidden, the value takes the full width which can be useful to show extra fields that HTML/Text area based.

Hope you like these new features.