JV-LD 5.4 Dev Update – Files or Downloads Manager for Listings

It is time to share the next feature that will be introduced in JV-LinkDirectory 5.4. JV-LD 5.4 brings in the exciting “Download Manager” or “Files” feature for free to JV-LD package. With this feature, users can now add files for their listings. These files will be shown in the detail page, and users with sufficient access will be able to download them. 

This feature opens up a whole new perspective to using JV-LinkDirectory. With this, you can now create and run a comprehensive download manager directory, providing downloads for software, or files specific to listings. For example, if you are running a real estate directory, you can provide floor plans and layout pdfs. If you are running a hotels directory, then you can let them upload menus or brochures, or even let businesses provide sample reading material to attract visitors to their websites, and more… As you can now see, you can use this feature to your wildest imagination and needs. 
If there are files for a listing, then the detail page will now show those files, with meta data and a button to download them. This is again access restricted. The category to which the listing belongs should allow ‘Download Files’ permission for the group to which the user belongs. Thus, this is completely ACL based and you can decide who can download what from your directory. 
The number of files for a 2-way link is configurable in “Reciprocal Links Configuration” in back-end. For 1-way links, we have now included this in the link plans. You can decide the number of files for each of your plans, thus improving the buy ability. You can also configure the following options in back-end – Files Configuration.
  1. Maximum File Size
  2. Allowed Extensions (typically extensions will be zip, txt, ini, pdf etc…)
  3. Folder on your server to store the files. You can store the files above the public_html folder too! for improved security
  4. Provide a short summary of the Files feature to users.

Popular and New Badges:

You can also decide to indicate a ‘Popular’ and ‘New’ badge against the listings in front-end. ‘Popular’ is decided by the minimum number of downloads to become popular and ‘New’ is decided by the number of days since  the uploaded date till when it should be shown as ‘New’. The following information will be shown in the detail page for each file:
  1. File Name
  2. Version
  3. Number of Downloads
  4. File Size
  5. Uploaded Date
  6. Checksum
  7. Title
If the user has sufficient permissions, then he will be shown the ‘Download File’ button to download the file.

New Modules:

We are not stopping with this. We are also including 2 modules – ‘Latest Files‘ and ‘Popular Files‘ to the existing module set. The ‘Latest Files’ module will display the newly added ‘n’ number of files, and the ‘Popular Files’ module will display the most popular ‘n’ number of files. Category of the listing, uploaded date and hyper link to the listings of the file will also be included in the modules.

Download Audits:

To get everything covered, we are also including a ‘View Downloads Logs” menu in back-end dashboard, where the administrator can view the list of all downloads made in the front-end. The download log will show the item downloaded, user who downloaded the item, downloaded date and time, ip address of the user, and if was authorized to download it. This will provide you with a complete auditing feature on your file downloads!
We hope you enjoy this feature… Looking forward to your comments…