JV-LD 5.4 Dev Update – Thumbnail Previews using Thumbalizr

The next feature that we are introducing in JV-LinkDirctory 5.4.0 is integration and support for thumbnail previews from Thumbalizr (www.thumbalizr.com). Thumbalizr is an image tool that lets you take screen shots of web pages and offers up several dimension options for you to download your image. It is similar to the services provided by shrinktheweb, thumboo etc.

In JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 we are introducing the ability to fetch thumbnail previews of listings in your directory from thumbalizr.com on the fly when listings are displayed. You will have a separate configuration section similar to shrinktheweb and websnapr in Gallery/Thumbnails section of JV-LD configuration in backend to choose the size of the thumbnails.
JV-LD will support Thumbalizr for various image widths:
  • Tiny – 90px
  • Small – 150px
  • Medium – 300px
  • Large – 420px
  • Extra Large – 640px
To get thumbalizr to work with JV-LD, you need to register for a free or paid account at thumbalizr.com, get your API key and save it in JV-LD configuration. For more info on premium services please visit https://www.thumbalizr.com/premiumservices
With Thumbalizr, we are providing the 6th thumbnail provider option, after ShrinkTheWeb, Websnapr, Picoshot, Thumboo, and Local Thumbnails. This should a variety of free and paid options for you to show thumbnail previews in the directory.
Waiting for comments on this feature….