JV-LD 5.4 Dev Update – User Profiles, AlphaUserpoints and other Features


We are happy to announce the next set of upcoming features in JV-LD 5.4 – Alphauserpoints integration, Additional parameters for one way links, User profiles and Optional URLs in JV-LinkDirectory.

Alphauserpoints Integration: 

This feature was available in JV-LD 4.x in Joomla 2.5, but as Alphauserpoints was not ready for J3.x at the time of JV-LD 5.0 release, we could not continue to provide that feature to our customers on Joomla 3.x. But Alphauserpoints devs have released their version on Joomla 3.x recently. And we are also providing this integration with JV-LD 5.4 version.

You can find the configuration option for it under “Community” Tab in JV-LD backend configuration. There are 14 different events in JV-LinkDirectory for which you can auto assign points using this integration. 

Additional Parameters in One Way Link Plans:

One-way links has always been a major revenue generation feature due to the different kinds of plans that you can offer to your customers. These plans are configurable across various parameters like number of categories, photos, videos etc…In JV-LinkDirectory 5.4, we are introducing 2 new parameters which we believe will help you attract visitors to choose your paid link plans. These are:
1. Max number of files that can be added for a plans. This needs the files/download manager feature to be enabled in configuration.
2. Allow following by search engines – This options decides if you want to allow rel=nofollow to links. This can be very useful in letting choose from your plans.

User Profiles:

JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 introduces the concept of user profiles. A registered user who is the owner of a listing will have a profile by default. A profile is characterised by a display name and avatar image to start with. Once this is configured, the avatar and display name will appear in the listings.
The user can login and update his profile from “User Menu” – “My Profile” in JV-LD menu in dashboard. The avatar and display name will also be hyperlinked to a publicly viewable user profile page. This page will show the listings of that user, number of votes, number of listings, number of bookmarks and number of likes.

Url-less Listings:

Till the previous version, admin had the option to set website url optional for new listings. In JV-LD 5.4, we are changing this to 3 options for listings added via backend.
1. URL is mandatory – User must provide a website url while adding the listing.
2. URL is optional – User will be shown the field to enter url, but can decide if he/she wants to enter a value
3. No URL – User will not be shown any field to enter a url
The third option is very powerful and will let you know create a directory of listings that are not associated with URLs. For example, directory of software downloads, real estate, coupon codes etc…