JV-LD and JomSocial

Towards the end of October, JV-Extensions released JV-LD 4.3 and came with it the beta package of JV-LD plugin for JomSocial, the popular social networking extension suite for Joomla, from Azrul.

There have been number of responses for the JomSocial-JVLD beta testing since then. Initially, we had developed the plugin for JomSocial just for displaying the user’s links in JomSocial profile.

But then from then on, we have made great advances. Following are some of the features that we are going to introduce in the JV-LD – JomSocial integration. We are sure, JomSocial users will love this and start embracing JV-LD for their links and directory needs.

  • Adding activities/events to JomSocial Activity Stream – when new review is added, new listing is added, new site recommendation is given and when a user bookmarks a listing
  • Adding userpoints for events like recommend a site, write a review for a listing, submit a link
  • Ability to show thumbnails and rate links from inside JomSocial profile

Some more useful features may be added as well, en route to the release. Both JV-LD plugin and the component are undergoing changes to this effect. All these features will be released as a part of JV-LD version 4.4.

We want to thank all our customers, who have responded to the beta testing call. We would like to make a special note of Alialavian, for his excellent contribution to this effort and really appreciate and thank him for his prompt testing and responses to us.