JV-LD Purchase Fee to be revised with JV-LD 4.6 release

We are happy to announce that, we have completed the beta testing of JV-LD 4.6 for Joomla! 1.5 and it is ready for release now!. We will be updating the product documentation in the next couple of days and will be releasing the product immediately thereafter. For all those who are eagerly waiting for this, please bear with us for a couple of more days 🙂

We have spent enormous effort in adding a huge of new features and changes in JV-LD 4.6. To compensate for the effort, we will be increasing the purchase fee for JV-LD as follows:

  • [strike]4 months access from $40 to $45[/strike] – No change!

    • Remains at $40 for 4 months 🙂
  • [strike]12 months access from $75 to $85[/strike] – No change

    • Remains at $75 for 12 months
  • [strike]Lifetime access from $140 to $160[/strike]

    • Lifetime access will cost $149

Renewal pricing will also be revised as follows:

  • [strike]4 months access from $20 to $25[/strike] – No change!
  • [strike]12 months access from $40 to $50[/strike] – No change!
  • [strike]Lifetime access from $100 to $120[/strike] – No change!

The new fee structure will come into effect from the time of release of JV-LD 4.6. So if you are planning to purchase or renew, then please do it immediately to save some money now!

Updated on March-8-2011:

After careful reconsideration, we have decided to drop the price increase for renewals and also for 4 and 12 months purchases. The only increase will be in fresh purchase for lifetime access and that too only by $10. We are sure, our customers will be delighted with this development!