JV-LinkDirectory 4.10.1 Released

Today we released JV-LD 4.10.1, the first maintenance version of 4.10 for JV-LinkDirectory. 4.10.1 contains numerous bug fixes along with an exciting new feature as well. Please refer to the release notes in Downloads section to know the bugs that have been fixed and the language strings that have been added/modified in 4.10.1 for translations to other languages. The new feature that has been introduced in this version is the ability to optionally upload thumbnail previews for links manually for every link. 

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the services of Websnapr or ShrinkTheWeb, or if you can generate thumbnail previews yourself then you may choose this option. This is a new option available in “Thumbnail Previews Configuration”. The thumbnail previews will be stored in your media/com_jvse/images/tbmanual folder as they are uploaded. Please note that you may either choose one of the existing thumbnail providers or this manual upload option but not a combination of both.

We request all our customers to upgrade to 4.10.1 as early as possible. For support, please use our Support Tickets section.